Posted by: pmarkrobb | April 1, 2023

at the foothills

We’ve arrived at the foothills of Holy Week. At the next sunrise, we’ll see our Savior begin climbing toward the summit of His sole purpose in becoming one of us. Some call it Passion Week – an adjective that points to the great suffering that argues to define it. I mention that because passion (in its other meaning) is exactly the thing that’s been absent for me during this season of Lent. Over the course of several years, this has become a treasured time in my walk of faith. A time of great intention and introspection. A time where God has moved mightily in my heart and mind, where He has been so faithful in gifting words that sound so much like mine, but which have always been truly His. I was fully prepared to stay silent this year. My time has lacked intention, and I heard no prompts. That’s all me; I am confident of that. But He has intervened, and here we are again. I don’t share the last few sentences to draw attention to me. If any of this is good, it is His good. I share to provide explanation for the irregular experience in writing this particular Holy Week.

Unless He intervenes again, you’ll see a significant gap between thoughts offered tomorrow and Monday, then again next Friday, Saturday and Resurrection Day. Consider them bookends that leave space for what I pray is your own consumption of days of (very nearly) equivalent importance. It’s hard for me to confidently say the widow who gave all she had in the temple collection box and the woman at dinner who also gave all in breaking open her precious bottle to anoint Jesus are not equal to death and resurrection, but how could I not? They seem to be, in the heart and words of Jesus. At the very least, they are solely human reflections of what our fully human Savior was about to do for us.

I am thoroughly grateful for God’s grace in my life at the foothills of this Holy Week. My Redeemer has redeemed this season for me. I give all the glory to Him and wait expectantly for the words He will gift and the celebration that awaits us at the summit.



  1. Thank you!

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