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2023 Daily Bible Reading Plan

With 2023 upon us, many people are beginning to think about goals for the New Year. At Journey onWord we are trusting that one of your goals is to be a consistent student of God’s Word. I recently read a quote by Jim Cymbala in Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire that stated, spiritual power is always linked with communion with God. There is no question that a primary facet of communion with God comes from communion with His Word.

Our 2023 reading plan will center on the New Testament. We believe by reading one chapter a day (with reflection and catch-up days each weekend), you will have the time to read and reflect meaningfully on each chapter. It is our goal at Journey to present opportunities for people to engage Scripture, and then trust God to change lives as He chooses.

The plan we are using was originally presented in 2005, by Discipleship Journal. Their intention was to have it used and reprinted wherever possible. We have updated the plan for 2023 and trust that it will be a blessing to you. In desiring to help you study and grow, we’re also listing the following study helps:

  • Videos by Dr. Gene Getz
    (download “Life Essentials QR” from your app store and find 1500 short Bible lessons. Search directly in your app store or find links to do so at this site)
  • Dr. Constable’s Notes – Online Bible Commentary
  • – A great source for Bible questions

The 2023 reading plan is linked below and will be attached to the automatic email notice of this post. It will also be available at any time by visiting and clicking the link in the DAILY BIBLE READING section (will be posted to the site on 12/31). We pray you will consider taking a journey through Scripture with us in 2023!

Journey onWord Team
2023 Journey onWord Daily Bible Reading Plan


  1. Just finished reading the plan from last year and the new year pops up in my email. Thank you so much for doing this! Happy New Year!

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