Posted by: pmarkrobb | March 26, 2021

it’s an empty Cross and crypt

The season of Lent is the second most important purposed practice of my life relative to my faith. By an exponential factor, my daily time with God is first. But after that, it is my very personal and practical observance of Lent. And the pinnacle of the Lent experience for me is Holy Week. How is that possible, when nothing should be able to hold a candle to Resurrection Day? Because you cannot get to Resurrection Day without first passing through the staggering silence of Saturday and the redemptive power of Friday. Then, there’s the making new of the central elements of the central observance of the central festival on Thursday, and so on, and so on all the way through the Messiah’s riding into the city of God on the back of a small donkey on Palm Sunday. Our faith and our salvation can be all about one day, while at the very same time being about every other day in the story of God.

And so, here at Journey OnWord, we renew a tradition (that began a good many years ago) by pausing before intentionally walking through each day of the week our Savior walked … into the city, the temple, the supper, the Cross and out of the empty tomb (He is Risen!). I invite you to shed the weight of all that burdens you and breath a deep and beautiful cleansing breath as we shine a light on the daily details of The Light of the World as He walked to and through the Cross and the grave to fulfill the Father’s plan of redemption.

For many years, my celebration of Easter was centered on things other than what should have been at the center. Repeated, intentional walks through the sacred week leading up to it has fixed my eyes rightly on the One who has rescued and redeemed me and who’s making all things new. Easter’s gift isn’t a full basket or bucket, it’s an empty Cross and crypt.


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