Posted by: mikenicholsblog | March 21, 2021

a correction and our forward course


Please note the following correction to the Daily Bible Reading schedule:
Monday, March 22nd  –  I John 3:1-24
Tuesday, March 23rd  –  I John 4:1-21

We’re quickly moving toward Holy Week and wanted to give you an update on what will be happening that week, as well for the remainder of the year. We have nearly completed a 60-day journey through the Bible which we hope you have enjoyed. Beginning Palm Sunday, all subscribers will receive daily articles moving us to the Cross and finishing on Resurrection Day. Holy Week articles have been a wonderful part of our ministry, and I am sure you will enjoy this year’s edition by our partner Mark Robb.

On April 5th, our Bible reading will transition its focus to the characters of Scripture. From Abraham to Jonah to Jesus and beyond, your heart will be refreshed by men and women whose lives teach us so much for our journey today. We are passionate about helping men and women encounter God through consistent study of His Word. Our plan is to introduce each character with an article to launch your study. If you need a copy of our reading plan, click here to access it.

Thank you for partnering with us in studying the Word.

Journey onWord Team

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