Posted by: mikenicholsblog | December 16, 2015

that didn’t just happen!

Last Friday night, our daughter had one of those surreal “that didn’t just happen” moments.  After returning home for the evening, she headed up the stairs to her apartment.  As she turned the corner, she happened on a scene she will never forget as long as she lives.  Standing right on the landing by her mailbox were three large coyotes.  She screamed, ran down the stairs and jumped in her car. After contemplating her next move, she got out of the car and peeked out to see her new-found friends walking across the street to her unsuspecting neighbor’s house.  She raced to her apartment and did what all millennials do … checked out coyotes on Facebook.  Amazingly, she found a site for the Beachwood Canyon Coyotes (her neighborhood)!  Lindsay laughs about her encounter now, but her view of those stairs and the apartment landing has been re-shaped forever.  On a much deeper level, what is shaping the way you and I view life, the world, and our responsibilities?

Would you classify your life as shaped by God’s perspective?  On a day-by-day, week-by-week basis do your decisions line up with the principles of Scripture? I can say with great confidence that a person’s consistency in reading and applying the Scriptures (or lack thereof) has an effect on the way that person views life, the world, and their responsibilities. With these thoughts as a back drop, I wanted to share that our 2016 Bible reading plan at Journey onWord will focus on reading through the entire Bible. What better way to gain God’s perspective than by consistently reading His Word, page by page?

With 2016 coming into view, I wanted to invite you to join us in reading both from the Old and New Testament each day.  We believe reading in this pattern offers a variety of study that is very beneficial.  It will take discipline, but in just a few chapters a day you can finish the entire Bible in 2016.  Notice of the daily readings will continue in the same pattern as they always have (posted to our website and sent automatically via email each Saturday).  If you’re not currently a subscriber, we’d like to invite you to become one by visiting and clicking the link in the “Subscribe” section.

God has chosen to reveal Himself through the pages of Scripture. Anyone serious about knowing God deeply should be a student of His Word. There is no substitute for what the Bible can do in our lives. Encouraging you to read God’s Word daily is at the center of our reason for existing at Journey onWord.  It is a choice, and it will take sacrifice and discipline.  But I can assure you, it will change your life if you make that choice.  Every few years, we choose a reading plan that offers the opportunity to read through the entire Bible in a year.  We trust the choice we have made for 2016 will make that opportunity very clear and attainable. Will you consider taking that journey with us next year?

I trust it won’t take a coyote-like experience to shape your view of life, the world and your responsibilities. Could it be that you are already feeling the tug to frame 2016 from God’s perspective? Maybe you’ve never read through the Bible completely, or maybe it’s simply been a while since the last time you did.  Whatever the motivation, be confident that when turning the corner and facing the “coyotes” of life, you’ll be far better prepared having a daily discipline of consuming God’s Word. Consider taking the journey with us in 2016!


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