Posted by: pmarkrobb | December 12, 2015

Advent 2015 :: Jesus as a King

Before I begin, I’d like to make a confession.  Although this is my third post of Advent, I barely feel connected to the season.  The observance of Advent has become so central in my life, yet this year I have been overwhelmed by everything but.  It’s been spending on presents, not investing in presence.  It’s been stress and hurry, to-do’s and worry.  In past year’s, December 1st meant the start of a new Advent devotional and a small lit candle that moved every morning on the Advent wreath my sweetheart bought me.  This year, my sacred space is empty, and the candle sits idle on day 6 (the day I finally retrieved and unpacked it, hoping I could just start from there).  I believe there are, and will be, times like this in our lives, where the sacred is interrupted and co-opted by the everyday.  Times when our discipline fails, because it is far too much ours and not nearly enough His.  If this is you too, join me in confession and repentance.  Let’s just say the words and then get on with the business of turning to walk in the direction of Him.  Let’s begin walking beyond the manger and see what we find.

The baby born in Bethlehem, the boy who stayed behind in the temple, would one day be crowned a King.  The baby born in a humble stable, the boy who became a man, the man who healed the sick, raised the dead, fed thousands, walked on water, forgave harlots and thieves, one day rode into Israel’s capital city to shouts of “Hosanna!”  But this epic story would find its peak at the “parade” and would not end as the adoring crowd expected.

This King would not be given a crown of gold and precious stones.  The one thrust upon His head would be made of thorns.  He would not ascend to a throne; He would be lifted on a cross.  He did not come to conquer His people’s flesh and blood enemies, He came to conquer sin and death.  He would not walk to a coronation; He would stand trial, be mocked, beaten and walk the road to crucifixion.

Just as Good Friday is the necessary prelude to Resurrection, the truth of Jesus as a King is the proper prologue to Jesus as our Savior (our focus next week on the final Sunday of Advent).  If this week you are left with the uneasiness of the image of the Christ-child on the cross, I suppose I do so intentionally.  I believe there is value in landing there as we consider Jesus as a King.  Our King came not to rule but to redeem.  He came as the only One capable of paying the penalty for our sin.  He chose death willingly.  The story does not end there, but it finds beauty and purpose there.  For this week, let us consider the truth of Jesus as a King.  Let us be grateful for His choice to be born, live among us and die for us.  Let us be grateful that He left his throne to be lifted up on a cross.

This truth and sentiment was in my mind’s eye as I decided on the weekly themes for our Advent focus this year.  Week three’s application would end with a reminder to be grateful for the kind of King Jesus chose to be.  But as I began penning this last paragraph, Jesus as a King became much more personal.  I began to see its truth at the root of my battle with Advent this year.  I have allowed the distractions of this world to sit on the throne of my heart lately – to rule my life and steal my joy.  I confess it.  I’m repenting and turning back in the direction of my true King.  If this is you too, I pray that you’ll join me.  If it’s not, praise God!  And now we can join you on this sacred walk towards the manger.



  1. Thanks for your observation and the hope that it brings.

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