Posted by: mikenicholsblog | October 14, 2015

embrace God

My Father is teaching me to practice what I preach. Job responsibilities have led me to a very busy place. A good place, but busy. So rather than give you something new (when new would be difficult this morning), I am taking you back a few years. I hope you laugh at my weaknesses, and embrace God in the moments of today…..

From my vantage point, 21st century living is all about fast-paced lifestyles, expenses rising, house prices declining, social networking and weary people. Have you noticed that it is rare to find a person who is relaxed and joyful? Writing articles and teaching give me a chance to encourage fellow strugglers, but not to avoid the pitfalls of our overworked adrenaline-driven culture. If I am not careful, my journey is too much about daily events, and too little about living with joy. See if you can relate!

After a few days of traveling recently, I was alone for the weekend and doing some work around our house. Being on a schedule and moving at a fast clip, I made a few mistakes. One of the lenses in my glasses came out (my fault). Because I had to drive about 75 miles that evening, I just wore the glasses with one lens. It was a helpful strategy until I stopped by the drug store on my way home. After completing my business and returning to the car, I realized that the clerk probably enjoyed viewing a one-eyed customer (you can laugh … I did). During the same weekend, I inadvertently received a shock (electricity will do that). And to top it off, my phone died (not my fault).  It was off to the drug store for a cheap phone. You may laugh at my weekend, but I am sure you have your own story.

Finding balance seems elusive in our fast-paced world. My weekend illustrates that some struggles are self-imposed (glasses, shock), and some are part of living (cell phone). Could it be that if I had been relaxing in the day God had given me, some of my mistakes would have been avoided? It is easy for all of us to use our pace of life and busy schedules as an excuse, and it doesn’t take much energy to be diverted by yesterday’s failures and tomorrow’s fears. But when I (and you) live in the moment, excuses aren’t necessary.  In his book, God Is Closer Than You Think, John Ortberg shares that the greatest moment of your life is right now. We cannot change yesterday, nor control tomorrow.

So how are we to live “in the moment”, when the pace of the world we live in is not likely to slow any time soon? House prices will always fluctuate, expenses will rise, there will be Facebook and Twitter, more to do than there are hours in the day, and a million reasons to excuse our weariness. But believers in Christ are to be people of joy, whether in the 1st or 21st century. Maybe another quote from God Is Closer Than You Think can give perspective.

“We are not meant to embrace moments, but to embrace God. Moments are not always good; God is never anything else but good. Moments are simply the place where we meet Him. Every moment. Starting now.”

Not tomorrow, but right now, embrace God in this moment. It is all we are guaranteed. I shared my crazy weekend because I struggle, just like you. But when I consciously seek to embrace God in each and every moment, something is different. God gives me better perspective, and I am not as bound to the issues of yesterday and tomorrow. We will all battle our fast-paced world until He comes, but we can embrace Him in each moment and live with joy on the journey. Do it today!


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