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pour into someone

How many people do you know whose parent’s chose to give them the biblical name Timothy? It was interesting for me this week to think of those people in my life named Tim. One of my Tim friends is a Worship Pastor in North Carolina, who I have seen go from young and talented, to a mature, gifted and wise leader. I remember sitting in the house of another of my Tim’s in the late 1980’s, seeing him rededicate his life to Christ. Today, he is serving and leading faithfully for the cause of Christ. My dentist is Dr. Tim, and he has shown himself to be a great friend and giving person during our time of friendship.  I once worked with a Tim who was a master at sharing his faith, and I attend a church pastored by a Tim who is a master communicator of Scripture.  Yet another of my Tim relationships is with a man who helps lead a bible study with me. He is one of the most positive and encouraging people you can find. Okay, at this point you may be asking, what’s the point?  Simply stated, you now know something about my friends named Timothy, but you don’t know them. It is very similar to the view we have of a man whom two books of Scripture were named after.

How many times have you read the books of 1st and 2nd Timothy? For some, the number would be twenty, thirty or even more. For others, it may have just been a few times (or maybe never). Either way, how much do you know about Timothy?

Did you know?

  • Timothy was from Lystra , a city in the Roman province of Galatia (part of modern Turkey).
  • Timothy’s mom was Jewish (Eunice), and his dad was Greek.
  • Timothy became a Christian during Paul’s first missionary journey. Some feel that Paul led Timothy to Christ personally, but my other reading doesn’t state that as a fact.
  • He joined Paul on his second missionary journey when he was in his late teens or early twenties.
  • Timothy became a special assistant, and I believe, a protégé of Paul.
  • Timothy pastored the church in Ephesus, and spent time in prison.
  • My study gives me the indication that Timothy was deeply caring, had some periods of discouragement, had some physical issues and was naturally timid in character.
  • Timothy means, “one who honors God.” And he certainly did!

Paul chose to write two letters to Timothy, which we call Pastoral Epistles.  Taking the time to read these epistles which reflect the relationship between Paul and Timothy is very meaningful. 1st Timothy 1:2 gives us a real insight into their relationship;

I am writing to Timothy, my true son in the faith.

As I think about Timothy, it’s hard to miss the fact that he was blessed with a mentor, someone who poured into his life. I was privileged to read some admonishment that Paul gave Timothy written and published by Harold Willmington, in Willmington’s Bible Handbook.  Many of these admonitions are in 1st Timothy and others in 2nd Timothy. Look at Paul’s loving counsel to his protégé.

Be a good soldier for Christ (I:18;6:12 II Tim. 2:3)
Don’t neglect your spiritual gifts (4:14; II Tim 1:6)
Guard your own spiritual life (4:16)
Denounce all sin (5:20)
Be impartial (5:21)
Pursue righteousness (6:11)
Give  yourself to God’s Word ( II Tim. 2:2/15;3:14,4:2)
Flee sexual sin (II Tim. 2:22)
Be firm but gentle ( II Tim 2:24-26)
Bring others to Christ (II Tim. 4:5).

Timothy was a blessed man to have a mentor that cared enough to help him along the journey. Timothy was godly, but Paul still counselled him. I can’t help but think that these are words that every Christ-following parent would desire to speak into their children. And to take it a step further, who cares enough for your life to pour into you? Who is benefiting from what God has done in your life? Pour into someone!

You may never get to know my friends named Tim. But hopefully you now know a bit more of the man who two books of the Bible were named after. And maybe, just maybe, you have been challenged by the fact that your life needs a Paul, and you need a Timothy. Think about it!


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