Posted by: mikenicholsblog | September 14, 2011

trust Me

In the heart of every parent there is a deep desire to be fully trusted by our children. In the early years, we have all sensed with pride how our children give us wonderful adoration, and almost absolute trust. As the years pass, our children develop their own individuality and realize that their parents inevitably will make mistakes. Eventually, children grow up and start making important life choices. And although parents will always want to help, give counsel and be a trusted advisor, we all know that our loving counsel will never be perfect. But the wisest of parents will always want their children to know the source of perfect trust.

I have been challenged and encouraged this week about a relationship that embodied the trust we can model. You have heard of the relationship, probably read about and surely believe it to be real. It was between a Son and Father.

In reading the book of Hebrews over and over, I have never really spent much time on the verses I am including below, but that I have discovered give us all a great pattern. And if it was good enough for Jesus to fully trust His Father, why not us?

Hebrews 2:13(a)/ 5:7-8 (MSG)

Again, he puts himself in the same family circle when he says, Even I live by placing my trust in God.

While he lived on earth, anticipating death, Jesus cried out in pain and wept in sorrow as he offered up priestly prayers to God. Because he honored God, God answered him. Though he was God’s Son, he learned trusting-obedience by what he suffered, just as we do.

It is beyond me to teach you how God trusted God. But that is what happened when Jesus became flesh and lived among mankind. His life was marked by difficulties, temptation and suffering – in some measure like all of us encounter. Can you imagine what His prayer life was like, God communicating with God? He lived with a humble trust in His Father, even as He journeyed to the cross. Now, it is a given to me that Jesus would have trusted the Father, even though I cannot understand the depth of that trust. But why did God see fit to place that trust relationship before us in His Word? Simply stated: because we need it.

If it was good enough for Jesus to have absolute trust, even on His way to the cross, how could you and I ever think of not giving heed to our Father’s care, wisdom and counsel? Is He any less trustworthy to us than He was to Christ? Absolutely not! Reflecting on the fact that we can trust Him completely without fear should give us all great comfort. However, the noise of our world, failures of our parents and our internal pride prevent us from enjoying our best relationship. And it’s the only relationship that can always give us the complete freedom to share our heart and have absolute trust.

Don’t you want your children to just trust you? How much pain and frustration could they avoid, just by giving heed to your experience and counsel? In my finite mind, I wonder how the Father must feel when His children refuse to seek His counsel. Oh, what pain and frustration you and I could avoid. You may be facing a life issue right now that would be best handled by just seeking and trusting the Father. And remember, if it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us. Trust Him!

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