Posted by: mikenicholsblog | September 11, 2011

a part to play

What a day! I was out of my hotel room last Friday morning by 4:30 a.m. to catch a flight home … or at least, that was my plan. I finally arrived home almost 14 hours later. No amount of creative thinking or pleading would have made my adventure any shorter. When my life is put in slow motion, as it was Friday, I always feel that the Father has something in mind for me. However, I still battle with the emotional annoyance that my schedule has been re-worked. Accepting His control over our lives will always help us gain perspective on ordained delays. God has a purpose for our lives, and built within His purpose will be unplanned and unexpected daily events…. even delays.

Before boarding my last flight of the day on Friday, I had a quick conversation about sports with a young man. Then I was surprised to find that he had been assigned a seat right beside me for the trip home.  I had the great opportunity to be a listening ear and encouraging voice to someone who is facing critical issues. I know that in the purpose of God for my life, encouraging others is to be a primary source of ministry. If ordained delays are a part of that ministry, so be it.

All of us should heed the admonition that the apostle Paul gave to Timothy to fulfill his ministry. His words can be found at the end of  II Timothy 4:5:

But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. 

We accept the fact that our ministry will be different from Timothy’s, but what the Father has purposed for you and me is important just the same. All believers are living and laboring in the full view of heaven, and one day we will give an account of our lives. Paul was at a point in his life where he could say: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. If we fulfill His ministry objectives for us, one day our journey will be defined by a good fight, a finished race and faith well-kept.

It is my opinion that if you and I are to fulfill His ministry purpose for us, it will take a conscious effort. There will be emphasis on His Word, prayer and others. We tend to think of His purpose or His will for our lives in the big picture. But each day has a part to play in fulfilling our ministry. None of us are perfect, but if you were to give an honest assessment of your journey today, what needs changing? Our Father has a purpose for us, and we can fulfill it. If you are struggling, renew your desire today. Let His Word become fresh, start praying like you believe He will answer, and be assured that others need you.

On one particular day, I had an ordained delay. But that day was important to the Father and important on my journey. If the encounter with my young friend will help him with life issues, then what a great way to spend a day (even though I did get annoyed).  Each day is a part of the picture, a part of His purpose. I believe that you and I will have more ordained delays, and if that’s part of fulfilling our ministries, so be it!


  1. Good Morning Mike
    I am sure as a result of that ordained delay that day –you made a difference in that young man’s life —as you do in all of ours!!

    Keep up the great ministry and encouraging Word

    Brad Wise

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