Posted by: pmarkrobb | April 3, 2021

finished and undone

I believe it is best not to speculate about what God chose not to articulate.

That does not stop my mind from getting lost in wonder, but it does make me content to say nothing with certainty of today’s profound silence and meaning. What did the sunrise look like on the day when the Son had not yet risen? Were the sweet songs of the birds who greeted the morning on key? I cannot bring myself to the place where those who loved Jesus most, and followed Him most closely, were on this day. I cannot, because when I look backward to Saturday, I see Sunday first. What a profoundly precious gift!

And so, I will be content to see Saturday in its proper context. The day of great expectancy which was the bridge between the breaking of the powers of sin and death. It was finished, but something yet remains undone.



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