Posted by: pmarkrobb | April 1, 2021

my eyes saw only

What am I that You are mindful of me?

This plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face plagiarism of the Psalmist (Psalm 8:4) is the brutally honest cry of my heart to my Lord and my Redeemer as I sit and write today. As I have walked the ancient roads in the story of redemption again this year, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity and mercy of Jesus in including me. I was one of the two sent ahead to borrow the burro. I saw the tree with no fruit the morning after. I was called near to watch the poor widow. It was my broken jar.

It was the plan in eternity past to create you and me, even with the foreknowledge of the mess we would make and what God would have to lose in order to win us back. It also remained the plan that He would choose you’s and me’s to be part of His work in the world … even, and especially, His redeeming work. We could never do the work in ourselves, but He would choose to do it in and through us. Yes, that’s the answer to that question/heart cry.

It offends my own nature to write so little about such a monumental day. In myself, I am aching to go on and on about the profound significance of the Seder Jesus shared with His disciples before sunset; the “full extent” of the love He showed to those gathered; and, oh, the richness in the Garden. But the eyes He’s given me today see only the ones Jesus sent ahead to meet the man carrying the jar of water, and the profound significance of His choosing them to be part of the greatest story ever told.

I’m certain I’m not the only one with that brutally honest heart cry. If you are me, please know the God of the Universe hears you, He sees you, He made you and He loves you. Then sings my soul.



  1. Very well written; thank you very much.

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