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an eight year Journey

It has been an interesting and deeply meaningful eight year journey. What had been just a thought for my wife and I became a reality after a brief airport meeting in July 2009. Note the words of our team member Mark in describing the unplanned meeting … “And then ‘randomly’ my uncle and I ran into a friend of his in the Akron-Canton Airport. My uncle was used of God that day as He planted the seeds of what would eventually grow into an eight year Journey with Him and all of you.” After our quick and absolutely not random meeting, Mark and his uncle (Tom) went home and created a website that was to become known as Journey OnWord.

From the very first conversation, God’s fingerprints were unmistakable. From that very first day there has been unwavering solidarity in Journey’s mission … to support and encourage others to be in God’s Word daily. In the very first paragraph of our first article we stated that mission … “To know God through the pages of His Word!” With that, we did a trust-fall into the arms and purposes of our Father; writing with no audience and no great expectation of where God would take our words. He answered quickly as churches and individuals began to follow and subscribe. They used the daily reading plans and read our articles. Through the power of the internet, we have periodically noticed people who followed or read from all over the world. For that, we are profoundly humbled and grateful.

Our ministry has been the work of four people with unique skills, writing styles and journeys in life. It may interest you to know that as Mark, Genel, Tom and I have authored, proofed and posted over 900 articles, all while never being together in one place.  Mark and I have seen each other face-to-face less than ten times over our eight year Journey. Tom (Mark’s uncle), who put all of us together, has chosen to work behind the scenes and has been very active in making sure the Word was presented every week. Genel has written many articles and gracefully endured the role of proofing and making sure my words made sense for the past eight years. It is also interesting and amazing that in our behind the scenes ministry, Mark and Genel have never met face-to-face. Yet in God’s design and timing, all four of us have worked seamlessly together, and by His grace have seen evidence that this ministry has been used for His glory. I would also be remiss in not mentioning Mark’s wife Kristyn, whom neither I or Genel have ever met in person. You won’t find Kristyn’s name anywhere on our site, but she has faithfully served as Mark’s editor for the full duration of our shared Journey.

We could write pages about our experiences with Journey onWord, but let it be perfectly clear that this Journey has never been about us. Early on, we chose not to strive to build a ministry, but rather to only be obedient to the Father’s leading. It is so comforting to know that we are all united in knowing it is time to refresh and move forward.  We all feel that “catching our breath” and insisting that we are growing in our own relationships with Jesus is the direction of our team for 2018. If you choose to remain subscribed, you may “hear from us” in the form of periodic articles (after all, writing is in our DNA). But we’ll leave that up to our Father’s will and choosing. And remember, you can still go the website ( and access any article we have written by using the blog archive section.

We are on the doorstep of 2018, and each of us at Journey OnWord are eternally grateful to have been given the great privilege of coming alongside you for whatever portion of the past eight years that you have followed or subscribed.  We are excited and expectant for His work in us in the New Year, and are confident in His care and working in your life as well. We have always ended our articles with the words “Yesterday ended at Midnight,” and now we say it with confidence one more time. May you look forward in the direction of God’s design for you in 2018, as you leave 2017 behind.

With love and grace … Mike, Genel, Mark and Tom


  1. Mike, Genel, Mark, Tom & (all others behind the scenes)
    Many thanks to all of you for your incredible commitment to serve our Lord through this amazing website. I am absolutely sure He was glorified through all your efforts — and I have been blessed by being on the receiving end of such a great ministry! God bless you all !

  2. Glad, and thankful, to have been invited along on the 8-year journey. 🙂

    Might we all enjoy the next “season” that our good, able, compassionate, gracious and merciful Father has prepared and provided for us.

    Thanks to all at journey onWord!!

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