Posted by: mikenicholsblog | August 20, 2017

Be at rest

Have you ever been simply baffled by how life’s twists and turns seem to spiral out of your control? Whether we would admit it or not, we have opinions about the circumstances we are confronted with and how they should be resolved. My wife and I had a case in point just recently.

We were approached about selling our property in Florida. It’s a small home that God so graciously blessed us with several years ago. Due to circumstances, we were wondering if it was time to move on from the home. And seemingly out of the blue, someone approached us about a possible buyer. “Is this the Lord’s will?” we wondered. Whenever unusual circumstances like this happen, we get excited about how God must be working.

Eventually, the prospective buyers called and offered to buy the home for cash. “Wow, isn’t God working?!” We had just contemplated selling the property and now there are cash buyers with no real estate costs. Too good to be true! We got the contract together and then seemingly out of the blue, the buyers backed out. “Lord, what is going on?” We accepted the situation and began thinking of other avenues to move the property. After all, we tell everyone God is in control.

Four days later on a Sunday evening, the phone rings and it’s the same buyers. “If your house is still for sale, we would like to buy it.” We reluctantly said okay and started making preparations to go to Florida and close on the deal. “Thanks, Lord.” The next day the potential buyers signed the contract, gave a deposit, and changed the cable bill. This is really coming together. “What a blessing!”

Wednesday morning, my wife received a call from the title company saying the people backed out. Then we received a short note about them not being able to get the financing together. But it was a cash deal! “Lord, what is going on?” We didn’t even initiate the sale, and then it was done.  Cancelled, back on again, contract signed and then cancelled again. “Father, we trust you, but why did we have to go through all of this for nothing?” Now, if this had been you, would you have been irritated or maybe even ticked off? WE WERE! But wait a minute, whose house were we trying to sell?  And does He have to give us pre-approval for the twists and turns that He chooses to allow for the Nichols Family?

This morning, I was reminded again of the way I should view life events. A Proverb, that has become one of my favorite, confronted me. After looking at and reading about the Apostle John in the last week and knowing that his life had major twists and turns, I almost feel ashamed at getting frustrated about a house deal. But in God’s timing, I reviewed my special Proverb this morning and it certainly gives me perspective.

The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?
Proverbs 20:24 (NLT)

My house story may pale in comparison to your journey at the moment, but the principle that believers can trust is the same no matter the situation. God directs our steps, and we don’t need to try to figure everything out along the way. HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING WITH OUR FAMILY (AND YOURS). It seems as if there is always a new circumstance, illogical event, or mountain to climb. The Father is in total control and we don’t need to understand it all or try to control each step.

I purposely used a lot of questions in this article because I believe they are easily understood by all. There is no need to try to figure out why God chose for His house (He owns it) not to be sold when I thought it would. And even though sometimes I struggle with wanting to understand, there is no doubt that the Lord directs our steps. And with that, I can be at rest.

What circumstance has you down right now? Accept Proverbs 20:24 by faith and be at rest!

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