Posted by: pmarkrobb | June 29, 2017

Begin or begin again today!

We will begin anew in just a few days to read through the entire New Testament.  That truth had me thinking again of our singular focus at Journey onWord … being in God’s Word daily.  We certainly hope and pray that you enjoy our articles, but we would give them up tomorrow if they ever proved to be a distraction or substitution for your time with God in His Word.  There is no substitute; no voice which can stand in the place of God’s own in speaking truth into your life.  If you have fallen into a pattern of getting your One-A-Week vitamin T (truth) from a preacher or teacher … stop!  Don’t stop being a part of a local church, stop allowing it to be “enough.”  You need One-A-Day, not a One-A-Week!

Daily conversations with God through the discipline of sitting and reading His Word will change you.  Daily consumption of the heart of God will begin to make yours more like His.

He has given us preachers and teachers, pastors and earthbound “angels” who minister to us.  They are essential to the work He is doing in and through us, but they should never be the singular or supreme authority in your life and journey with Jesus.

If you’ve never had a daily discipline of reading the Bible, start today.  If the din and distraction of your everyday life has crowded out the time you used to spend with the Father in His Word every day, take the first step in returning to that daily pattern today.  All we have is today and right now.  Make the choice to begin or begin again.

And don’t wait for Matthew chapter one to come around again in a few days.  Too often, our “Matthew chapter one” resolve fades away before Matthew chapter one’s day dawns.

I don’t care what the chapters and verses are for the day, God has something to say to you in the pages of His Word.  Don’t depend solely on another person’s translation of the truth of Scripture.  Don’t understand or can’t hear anything as you’re reading?  Talk to God.  He hasn’t given us His Word to confuse or confound us.  Begin each sacred space and time with Him with a simple request to make the words make sense.  Then begin to listen and to tune your ear to the sound of His voice.  Taste and see that He is good (Psalm 34:8).

Begin or begin again today!

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