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celebrate what we do know

Songs of the season are familiar to everyone. You can go in almost any store this week and hear a song about the Christ child. But most of the songs you and I will hear were written long ago. Think about it! I have been singing the story of Christmas for over fifty years, and although I know there must be some newer songs of the season, I couldn’t name any.  Except for one! I’m fairly certain you have heard of the only one I can name … “Mary, Did You Know?” by Mark Lowry.

Every time I hear that song, there is an emotional response.  Something about what Mary knew — and what she didn’t — fascinates me.  Very quickly after hearing the classic words of this song, I typically move on to something else, and often the words (and their meaning) don’t linger. You may feel the same way, so I wanted to rehearse with you a few of the lines from this newer song of the season. Just maybe, they will cause you to reflect on His majestic birth and awesome power. Remember, we are celebrating that God became flesh, and that truth can never be overstated.

Take just a moment to reflect on some select words from this song that you have heard, enjoyed and maybe never stopped to internalize.

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy
would one day walk on Water?

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy
would save our sons and daughters?

Jesus did walk on water.  And He gives eternal life to anyone who puts their trust in Him for salvation. Can you imagine raising the Son of God in your home? Mary fixed Him meals, gave Him baths as a child, never had to punish Him for misdeeds, and was, no doubt, profoundly impacted by the infinite capacity of His greatness. But could she have imagined Him on the water … or, that He would one day die on the cross for us?

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy
will give sight to a blind man?

When you kiss your little Baby,
you kiss the face of God?

My Savior (and, I trust, yours) did heal the blind man, and He still can, and will, heal today. Never let your soul become so barren that you doubt His ability to do what doctors only wish they could do … and sometimes can’t explain. One of the thrills of every parent and grandparent is giving that special little boy or girl hugs and kisses. Mary undoubtedly loved to give baby Jesus those same hugs and kisses. I get chills just typing the words that she was kissing the face of God. Could she have imagined in any way the depth of His specialness … His being fully God and fully baby boy?

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy
is the Lord of all Creation?

This sleeping Child you’re holding
is the Great I Am!

We find in Scripture, by Him (Jesus) were all things created in heaven and on earth. Yet on the day of our dear Savior’s birth, with Mary holding Him close, what must she have been thinking? She was holding the Lord of all Creation, the One who spoke the world into being!  And she was to raise Him in her humble home?! He was called Immanuel—which means God with us. My mind races and is filled with wonder trying to comprehend what Mary sensed, and knew, about Immanuel in her home. Today we have Scripture, history and the Holy Spirit helping us worship the Lord of all creation – the Great I Am.  Mary had an angel’s pronouncement that the Lord was with her and that she would give birth to the Son of God. She knew His name would be Jesus, but I can only imagine what she sensed and wondered as that Holy Child grew up in her household.

I admit that I am fascinated and deeply moved by this newer “classic” of the season, “Mary, Did You Know?” On Christmas Day, we will celebrate what we do know – that true and lasting hope was born on that day.  Mary’s child grew up and walked on water, was a healer, calmed the storm, raised the dead, and died on a cross, and then to top it off, rose from the grave … ALL FOR US!

On this earth, we’ll never know all that Mary really understood. But I am so glad that this song of the season reminds me that Christmas is about the Lord of all creation, the great I Am … the Savior of all who accept Him!

Merry Christmas!



  1. Amen!! Well done Yes so true. Great song Great reminder
    Merry Christmas

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