Posted by: mikenicholsblog | December 14, 2016

a New Testament year

It was a gray, snowy day when I boarded the plane this afternoon. The plane had to be de-iced and it was only one-third full. I didn’t know or even see the pilot, and never checked the maintenance log of the aircraft. So, I guess you could say that I had faith in an anonymous pilot and airplanes I know nothing about.

Pastors and teachers admonish Christ-followers that the Word of God is powerful, life-changing and is God’s love letter to us. It will give us direction in life and guide us in tough situations. Christians readily acknowledge the great claims of the Word’s potential effectiveness in their lives, but either a lack of faith in the Word of God and/or the discipline to read it, is a consistent malady in almost every church in America.

2017 will give you and me a chance to prove pastors and teachers right. We can, with sincere faith, start a journey to let the Word truly permeate us. By faith, we can end 2017 with a consciousness that the Word does change those who genuinely seek and consume it. I am sure you would agree that God’s love letter to us is worthy of more trust than pilots we have never met, and planes that we know nothing about.

At Journey onWord, we are asking you to take your journey in the Word with us. We are dedicating 2017 as a “New Testament Year.” Please join us in reading daily through the pages of the New Testament. By the end of 2017, you will have finished reading the New Testament twice (January – June, July – December). Surveying God’s Word in this manner will have a definite effect on your spiritual walk. Knowing that it is easy to get started well each week and then miss a day or two, our plan is designed to make every Saturday a catch up day. For those who haven’t missed any days of reading, Saturdays can be used as a day of reflection and extra prayer time.

The Word does change lives, and at Journey onWord we are convinced that most Christ-followers want to read and study the Love Letter. Often in reading plans, there is a great start, but a slow finish. The “New Testament Year” reading plan for next year will give all of us a chance to read slower and deeper, while finishing the year strong. Join us!

As usual, it will be our practice to publish the reading each Saturday night (starting December 31st) for the following week. We will also publish two articles per week (Monday and Thursday), generally focused on that week’s reading.

If you know of others who might want to join us, please share our website address … Encourage them to subscribe on the site, and take a journey in the Word with us.

Pilots and planes … God’s Word and power … Where is our faith?


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