Posted by: pmarkrobb | September 15, 2016

in hot pursuit

The truth of Revelation 3:15 has been a sacred echo in my life over the past few weeks.  Everywhere I turn, its commanding words speak from a unique context.

I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! (NLT)

The words are personal and penetrating, but they are not a searchlight intended to pierce a deep and desperate darkness.  They are an at ‘em bomb aimed at the cancers of complacency, contented worldliness, apathy and the prosperity gospel.  They declare themselves as enemies of those who have declared themselves as a neutral country in the ever-present spiritual battle — those who choose the safety and comfort of the supposed sideline.  But the Bible doesn’t speak of a “sideline,” does it?

We are God’s masterpiece, made in His image with specific reasons for being here and things He has authored for us to accomplish.  We chose our own way, but have been bought back with the furious love of a Savior who was brutally beaten and willingly went to the cross.  Jesus thought us more precious than forever being with the Father (and the Father thought us more precious than the life of His only Son).  He left heaven, then submitted Himself to the cup of literal separation from his Father for the final three hours before breathing His last.  That final breath literally rocked the world and tore in two the thick veil that separated us from true communion with God.  Jesus died, but was not defeated by death.  He broke its power forever in rising from the grave, and carried new and endless life with Him as He walked from the tomb.  That life is intended for us — every single one of us.

Have we become so consumed and distracted by the things of this world that we’ve become numb to those inconceivably miraculous truths?  Have we become content with the things of our kingdom?  Have we been meaning to start our day with Him for some time now?  Have our prayers become exclusively for the things we eat and want?

God is in hot pursuit.  No, He is not chasing you down to arrest, convict and punish you for something you’ve done wrong.  He wants all of you.  He wants you engaged in the battle.  He wants to walk with you through tests and trials that will bring you to your knees.  He wants to celebrate with you in the moments of unbridled joy.  He wants to move mountains for you … and be there when you move the mountain (He said you could – Matt. 17:20).  He wants to laugh with you and cry with you — and everything in between.  He wants all of you.

I am in the midst of some “soul searching.”  I’d like to invite you to join me.  Is your life all over the map, or has it settled into a steady routine with too few peaks and valleys?  If you took your temperature right now, what would it read?

God is in “hot” pursuit … but He’ll take cold too.



  1. Appt words for me

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