Posted by: genelnicholsblog | August 29, 2016

ALL or nothing

Author and scholar Dr. E. Schuyler English is fond of telling the story of a science buff who finally fulfilled his dream of owning a high quality (and pricey) barometer.  When he had set up his new toy, he was upset to see that the needle seemed to be stuck on the section marked, “Hurricane.” Well, that was laughable to the man because, after all, he lived on Long Island, New York, and they simply did not get hurricanes there!  He sat down that night and wrote a scathing letter to the company asking for his substantial investment to be returned and also chastising them for charging so much for such a poor quality instrument.  When he went to work on Monday morning, in New York City, he mailed the letter. That evening he returned to Long Island to find his barometer missing … along with his house!  The barometer was right all along.  Do you happen to remember hearing about Hurricane Sandy?

I recently finished the book Agents of Babylon written by one of my favorite authors, David Jeremiah.  The book is a study of the biblical book of Daniel and the many prophesies contained therein; many are concerning and a little scary.  Dr. Jeremiah addresses the fact that many do not like what the prophesies depict, so they choose not to believe them. The author states,

 “Truth is truth, whether or not we choose to believe it.”

“I don’t know why I can’t lose any weight.” Yes, we do – we love sweets & we never exercise.

“I don’t have any time to read my Bible.” And yet somehow we have time to watch our favorite TV show.

“My church just does not meet my needs.” But have you tried serving there to meet the needs of others?

Some of you may be chuckling about now, so on a much more serious subject, let me ask if you believe the Bible, God’s Word … ALL of it!  You believe, but that story about Jonah and the great fish has got to just be a parable or illustration, right?  You believe, but the prophecies of the book of Revelation are just a bit far-fetched.  They must just be a warning to mankind to shape up, right?  You believe, but could a loving God actually create a horrible Hell for some to spend Eternity there?

Let me review, “Truth is truth, whether or not we choose to believe it.”  And here is something else to grab on to … Just because we choose not to believe does not change the Reality!  We cannot be like so many in the world who pick and choose what parts of the Bible we believe – it’s ALL or nothing!  The prophecies of Daniel regarding ancient kingdoms and rulers all came true – so accurately that many historians are amazed at the details in the book.  So, one last question:  If the historical prophecies came to pass in the exact, detailed way Scripture predicted, why would any other prophesies in Scripture not be true?  When God says something is going to happen, it happens … every time and exactly the way He said it would happen.

We need to believe the Truth … ALL of it!  Oh, and probably lay off the brownies, too.


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