Posted by: pmarkrobb | August 11, 2016

resplendent white seagulls

Sitting in the cool and quiet of my early morning sacred space, I felt a distinct prompt to raise my head.  I was completely immersed in the good of reading and recording; the gentle breeze and harmony of the birds were like background music to my studies.  Then all at once, I simply lifted my head.  I don’t recall anything conscious in my field of focus or periphery, but my head obeyed something within me which signaled the invitation to look up.

As I did, I was awed by a simple and stunning sight.  A literal sea of resplendent white seagulls blanketing the brilliant blue backdrop of the morning sky above me.  With the sun blazing bright, low in the sky to our east, it acted as light hitting the facets of a diamond, the underside of each bird shimmering and sparkling as they flew overhead.  It went on for more than a minute and at times looked like the heavens being lit up by a thousand tiny flashbulbs.

As the last few trailing birds disappeared from view and my mind replayed the scene, I felt a deep and overwhelming sense of gratitude for the still small voice of God.  The “voice” my youngest son once asked if I had ever heard.  The “voice” that is really challenging to explain to a beautifully curious ten-year-old boy.  The “voice” which was almost certainly the one my head obeyed in looking up.

In the midst of my immersion in reading and studying, I was prompted.  That prompting was an invitation to experience God in something that was getting ready to happen just beyond the horizon of my fixed focus.  It was good and right to be in the Word that morning.  It was equally so to have ventured into God’s creation to do it.  What I was doing in the moments before the celestial light show was neither wrong nor bad.  But the enemy of experiencing God and His authored purpose for our lives is not always the “wrong” or “bad.”  It sometimes is in our dogged determination or laser-like focus on what is right in front of us at the moment – staring deep into the words on a page while resplendent white seagulls are shimmering and sparkling overhead.

A maturing life of faith is not lived with one’s head on a swivel, and sometimes the shimmering and sparkling is a distraction in the direction of disobedience.  Discerning  the true source of a prompt requires abiding in Him and a life controlled by the Spirit.  In knowing Him and being tuned to the sound of His voice, you can be certain of the prompts to look up or look out.  It is yours to simply obey, and in the re-orienting, experience His revealing.

Thank you, God, for your Word, your Spirit, and your resplendent white seagulls.



  1. Amen, a beautiful picture of what God does when we are listening.

  2. Thanks for sharing some of His revelation from that morning! To see the unseen. To hear/sense and engage the prompt……His touch……His voice……His presence. 😊 How fun! 😊

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