Posted by: pmarkrobb | May 28, 2015

a needed reminder

As I sit and begin to write, I am wondering if anyone else feels as I do.  Is it time we moved on from the character of David?  He was, perhaps, the greatest earthly king in Israel’s history and there is no shortage of parallel between his life and our’s, but two weeks and four posts is probably enough, isn’t it?  It has been interesting sitting a while in search of the seeds of my anxiety.  I do not consider myself a child or victim of the times in which we live.  I am not anxious by nature or prone to consume things in small bites and rapid succession.  “Multi” is a word more apt to describe the grains in my bread, not my ability to process the tasks in my life.  So, why am I so anxious about the prolonged exposure to the life of David?

One of the interesting thoughts which surfaced during my searching, was the suggestion of a connection with a very real sense of insecurity with my own story.  Is David so blessed or broken (or both) a character that such focus in our writing is warranted?  Is Moses? Is Abraham? What about Job, Peter, John or Paul?  As these names (and more) flooded into my mind, I began to turn around and look inward.  Why am I suddenly thinking of myself?  Surely my name does not belong in the same conversation as theirs.  The longer my mind dwelled on these thoughts, the more God revealed my deep-seated need.  I was quick to be critical of myself and God whispered the question, “Why?”

What does God think about you?  What would God write if He was the author of these last four or five posts and His character of choice was you?  Would He have had enough “material” or thought you worthy enough to write four or five?  Would most, or all, of His posts been critical?  What do you (do I) really believe God thinks about us?!

I needed a reminder as I sat and searched.  I had allowed the great enemy of God to convince me of things which were simply not true.  They were easy to believe.  I had been easy to convince.

I found the reminder in the pages of God’s Word.  I share it with you because God shared it with me, and because I am convinced I am not the only one who needs reminding.  This was God’s answer to what I was believing, but was simply not true:

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

In my time of sitting and searching, I had written or spoken several answers to the question of what God thinks of me.  Many of them were penetrating and painful, very few were merciful and hopeful.

The mural that is my life has shape, form, value, line, color, space and texture that at times appears wild and woolly, and at others, purposeful and beautiful.  Yours is no different.  But no matter who stops and stands to look at it or for how long they do, God shouts boldly that it (and you) is His MASTERPIECE!  Both you and your story represent the bold strokes and full creative capacity of the Creator of the universe.  Sit for a moment (or stay for a while) in the bright light of that truth.  Then, go … go and be busy doing the good things he planned for you long ago.

Each and every detail of David’s story speaks the truth that he was created and chosen by God for a specific purpose and for specific moments and tasks.  The same is true of you (and me).  Do not allow the great enemy of God to convince you otherwise and keep you from the warmth of God’s embrace and His perfect and purposed plan for you.  DO NOT EVER FORGET, you are God’s great masterpiece!


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