Posted by: mikenicholsblog | December 11, 2014

their story is our story

Every year begins a new journey in our lives. A story is created that add to our narrative and eventually becomes part of our legacy. There are lofty peaks and deep valleys along the way, and they are all a part of the journey. In 2015, Journey onWord will be taking a look back in time and telling the story of some familiar and unfamiliar characters in Scripture. Our prayer for this new focus is that you’ll see your own story in theirs.  Here’s a bit of a preview of where we’re headed in 2015, even as you begin preparing for your own new story…

The Bible is a love story. It’s the story of a perfect and brilliant creation, a tragic sin and its fatal consequence, and God’s relentless, redemptive pursuit to bring that creation back into right relationship with Him again. It’s a story that involves both familiar and unfamiliar characters in equally epic and intimate moments. It’s a story with ancient events and themes that seem ripped from the headlines of our right now.

It is their story … and it is very much, our story.

We invite you to join us on a new journey; a journey which we believe has roots in our focus this year on the words of Jesus. It doesn’t take long in consuming His words, to see that story was Jesus’ favorite choice in teaching the truth of his Father and the here-and-now kingdom of God. The Master was a master storyteller.

In looking ahead, we are excited to challenge our walk and deepen our relationship with God by exploring the lives and stories of the men and women God chose to include in His love letter to the world. They were kings, queens, prophets, shepherds, spies, carpenters and harlots. They were orators, cheats, martyrs, thieves and weavers of fine linen. They accomplished great things and made epic mistakes. They were terribly flawed, yet God still chose them.

In short, their story is our story.

We will continue our commitment and practice of being in the Word daily. Each week, our daily reading plan will focus on the character we‘ve chosen for that week and the scripture that tells their story. Our bi-weekly posts will be our opportunity to dive deeper and explore the details and threads that connect their stories to ours.

As we move toward Christmas and quickly into the new year, consideration of our New Year’s resolutions is important. Begin to think now about the how you will study the Word and seek to grow in Christ in 2015. It will be quite a story, and we pray you’ll consider experiencing it with us.


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