Posted by: pmarkrobb | August 11, 2014

for the birds?

My parents are experts at creating outdoor spaces that both relax and inspire.  At every home they’ve owned, they seem to have the Midas touch with decks, porches, plantscaping and unique rest stops for any number of varieties of friendly fowl. It has become routine for them to begin and end each day observing God’s creation in one of their ever-evolving spaces.

I had the chance to join them last week, as my family stopped for a brief visit during our return from summer vacation.  I thoroughly immersed myself in the sights, sounds and scents of the surroundings, and the coffee and conversation which was the perfect complement.  One specific morning, my mother’s recount of one of hers and my father’s morning conversations provided a beautiful and natural illustration of a biblical truth that I would love to share with you.  The question my father asked during that conversation spilled over into ours that morning, and something I had heard and been taught all my life came alive in brilliant color.

The thing I’d heard and been taught? … God doesn’t need our money, our talents or our efforts to accomplish His plan and purpose for this world, but He does give us the amazing gift of the opportunity to participate in it.  And when we do, what we receive is far more amazing and beautiful than what little good we did.  God is so gracious in His design for all created things.

The question considered in conversation?  … How do birds know where to find food?  My parents do their part (and maybe a bit more) in providing for the birds of the air.  There is abundant and intentional sustenance and a place to cool or wash off.  Yet absent those things, the birds in their small corner of the world would still survive.  If they sold their home and moved, or decided to stop filling the bird feeders and baths, the birds would find food and water elsewhere.  God has provided an instinct within the birds to find food (Matt. 6:26), and in the thought that followed that comma in my mind (the gift of accepting the invitation to participate in God’s plan), appeared in the brilliant red of the male cardinal and stunning yellow of the American finch.

In their small efforts to provide food and shelter for the birds, my parents are gifted the beautiful sights and sounds of these winged creations.  The red streak of the male cardinal in flight, the low hum and graceful movements of the hovering hummingbird – the landscape would be so much less without them.  God doesn’t need us in much the same way as the birds don’t need my mom and dad.  But He desires our presence and revels in going with us into the work He is doing in the created world.  We are His masterpiece, and He created us for specific purposes (Eph 2:10).

Be encouraged today to get up and get moving in the direction of what He has for you.  Any “sacrifice” you offer is multiplied exponentially as blessing in the lives of those you serve and even more so in your own.  These thoughts might not be the most revolutionary you’ll ever hear, but they’re also not “for the birds.”



  1. Thanks, A great way to see everything!!!

  2. Enjoyed these thoughts and truths!!


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