Posted by: mikenicholsblog | June 23, 2014

finish well

With all that happens around you, do you ever become jaded? It can happen in your family life, your work life, in your social life—–and that’s about all the life you have! And why do we get jaded? Because the expectations that we have of family members, church leaders, work associates and friends are often simply not met. And if not careful, these unmet expectations filter into the most precious relationship for all Christ-followers … our communion with the Father through His Son, Jesus. There is no doubt there are many unmet expectations present in your life today. The question is, are these disappointments (which we all face) causing you to live a less than expected life of joy, peace and service to our Lord.

From a personal perspective, I see the jadedness of unmet expectations all around me.  And I certainly deal with them in my own life as well.  But one day, you and I will stand before Christ and give an account for our lives. It won’t be adequate for you or me to say that we lost our joy, peace, and stopped serving because of others and our unmet expectations of them. Make no mistake, I understand that pain is real, and hurts are everywhere, but as my reading in the book of Mark reminded me just today, Christ will one day return for His children. Until He comes and takes us home, we all should strive to live well, meeting His expectations of a fully devoted life. In other words … FINISH WELL!

Recently, I heard a song on the radio that has reverberated through my mind. Thanks to You Tube and Google, it was just a few clicks away. The song, “Finish Well”, by Karen Peck encouraged me to do just that. If you have lost a little of your joy and spiritual excitement, the following words from “Finish Well” may challenge you as they did me … to FINISH WELL!

There will come a day
I know without a doubt
Around the throne the saints will bow
And lay down every crown
How glorious that moment
To see Him face to face
And hear Him say “well done my child”
You’ve finished your race
But for now the sun’s still rising
There’s work to still be done
While we’re waiting for the promise
Of what is yet to come.

Finish well
Every day that we are given

Finish well
For the glory of the His name
Finish strong
Until the Savior finally calls us home
Give it everything we have
Finish well.

Okay, I get it, your world and mine has been filled with unmet expectations, and that will not change. People will still let us down in every part of our lives. But we will stand before Christ based on our life, not what others have done. So this is my challenge: While knowing that people have and will fail to meet your expectations, will you determine right now to FINISH WELL, and meet His expectations? The choice is yours.


  1. Wow, this post and the previous one (Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It) really spoke to me! It is not about when others let you down, or disappointments in life; what matter is how we react. No one else can steal my joy – I have to give it away. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

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