Posted by: genelnicholsblog | May 9, 2014

as You wish.

When our daughter was very young, we had a favorite movie that we brought home from the video store quite often.  The Princess Bride appealed to us girls on several levels; first, anything involving a princess and our daughter was into it!  But this movie also had romance and heroism and chivalry and … well, you can see that “mom” liked it just as much as our daughter.  In the movie, the hero, who is of course in love with the princess, is but a mere servant and could only dream of marrying her one day.  As he serves her every command, he would always answer her, “As you wish.”  That simple 3 word answer got me to thinking…

What if we, as servants of the Almighty King, always answered His leading, prodding, and guidance that very same way?  With a simple, “As You wish.”

We have all seen people who stand on the corners with signs telling of their misfortunes and asking for donations.  They are everywhere, and if you are the first one at the traffic light, sitting in your car right next to them, it can be a little uncomfortable.  Do we give?  Is this truly someone in need?  What will they really use the money for?  Is the rumor true that this is an organized group and their cardboard stories are just made up?  It is easy to become immune and even jaded to the misfortunes of others; besides, none of us want to be “taken” by someone either.

But we must still be open and aware of a prodding from the Lord.  And we must keep our hearts open for that “as you wish” moment.

Last Saturday, I had just such a moment … and I think I blew it.  I was approached on the street by a woman asking for $2.00.  I got flustered and rushed to my car.  As I drove away, I realized that she was only trying to get bus fare.  I worried about that woman all the way home; in fact, I almost turned around and went back, but instead I just prayed that someone more aware than me gave her the $2.00 to get home.  I was so upset with myself; I had not taken the time to assess the situation before I threw out the “no!”  Was God trying to use me to help that lady get home and I was too jaded to realize it?

As we look at the life and words of Jesus Christ, we see that He was always full of compassion for everyone He met.  He had time for every person.  And he focused all His attention on that person that was in front of Him.  The notes in my study Bible say it well:

“Jesus’ miracles show His profound love and compassion for people.  Certainly His miracles are proof that He is the Son of God, but they also prove that He sees the needs of His people and has both the power and the will to help them.  This is no less true today – become a person of prayer and watch God transform you and the world around you through His power.”

Let’s try this weekend to open our eyes to the subtle touches and tugs on our hearts that God may send our way.  It may be a monetary gift, but it could also be a gentle answer to a sales clerk or lifting something off the top shelf at the grocery store for a senior, or taking the time to answer a question.  This weekend, let’s tell God that we are ready to say,

“As you wish, Lord – As You wish.”



  1. Very well done I have been there myself.
    The next time trouble or an issue comes my way I will think of these 3 powerful words to honor our King
    “As you wish”
    Thank you

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