Posted by: pmarkrobb | April 19, 2014

sabbath rest

I am naturally curious about what “today” was like in the lives of the disciples, Mary and Joseph, and the other followers of Jesus.   How did they honor the Sabbath in the shadow of a day that was unlike any other they had experienced before?  Scripture repeatedly says the disciples didn’t get it when Jesus spelled out the plan of His death and resurrection.  So it seems obvious they would be experiencing deep grief and loss today.  Were there any among them that spoke of hope or life?  Whatever was happening, scripture is completely silent.  Not even a single word about this sacred Sabbath.

For today, let’s embrace the silence and become quiet in the presence of God.  Let’s rest as creation did after exerting forces so violent that “…the sun’s light failed. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two.” (Luke 23:45)

As you rest, be sober and vigilant … Resurrection is coming!


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