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never without an achor

I’m going to rewind a bit in our reading, but I believe it also speaks a resonant voice to the extreme faith we are reading of today.  I think it’s a safe assumption that everyone reading this article has been facing some stormy weather recently (and I know you know I’m not speaking of the Polar Vortex). It could have been a health journey, a job scenario, maybe a financial mountain or just an everyday “will I trust Him?” moment.  God, in His wisdom, uses these refiners to help us learn (and re-learn) dependence. As you read the next few paragraphs, let your mind travel back to a stormy day in the life of Christ and His disciples. Faith will rise to the forefront, and we can certainly relate to the disciples’ dilemma.

The context is found in our reading a few days ago from chapter 8 of Mathew, verses 23-27. On that particular day, Christ gave His disciples a stormy lesson. While crossing the Sea of Galilee, they encountered an incredible storm. There is no doubt that Jesus knew He was leading them directly into the storm! Storms also erupt in our lives.  Sometimes they result from our disobedience, but at other times the Father’s design is to send us (like the disciples) headlong into troubled waters.  But even when He directs or allows that storm, He never leaves us without an anchor.

Mark’s account of this event tells us that this was a furious squall.  It was so intense that the waves broke over the boat, and the disciples had some serious concerns about drowning. Can you believe that Jesus was sleeping while all that was going on?  You may not mouth words like those of the disciples, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” but you (and I) have had similar thoughts. They had ferocious waves, and we have our resonant storms. When stormy weather hovers, do you look with eyes of faith, or do you get that drowning feeling? Christ’s rebuke of the storm and His disciples is instructive, even today.

With a rebuke of the wind and waves, Christ created calm sea. The Creator of the Universe was in control of nature. It is amazing to me that Christ-followers accept His control over our eternal destiny, yet we struggle with the daily storms. If you are anything like me, you have met some stormy days with strong faith, but in many others, sinking seemed inevitable. Through it all, we should never doubt that He is in control. Preparation for the rough waters will determine how we respond when the storms arrive. Whether you are new to faith or a seasoned sailor, constant growth in our faith is a necessity.

Christ was conscious that the disciples were exhibiting weak faith. His words, “Why are you so afraid? You have so little faith,” left little doubt of His concern. It would be easy to scoff at their lack of faith … if we didn’t also struggle in similar ways. We all have an opportunity going forward to respond with faith in the midst of our storms. Even when we get that drowning feeling, we can look up, hold on, and ride out the storm with great faith. Today is new. God is still in control.  And you and I can choose to view our personal storms with a sinking feeling, or with eyes of faith, knowing we have an anchor. Which will you choose?!



  1. I love this Mike. I choose ‘eyes of faith with Him as my anchor. My storm today is right from this article, a ‘will I trust Him moment’. I will trust Him, and pray that I remember to do this as the next storm approaches. Thanks for continuing to make a difference in so many lives brother.

  2. Mike,

    It was a great pleasure to speak with you yesterday from Dallas to Shreveport. God has reentered my life yet again, through you. Though I know it was I not He that had been absent, He sent you brother to touch my heart and convict my soul to begin following Him again. I have been to the Sea of Galilee, both physically and metaphorically, and I have ridden from shore to shore in a small boat…I can just imagine the disciples’ fear as Jesus slept. A storm of a magnitude to break a boat in that ‘lake sized’ sea would have been truly frightening. God was there the whole time, and true, and reaching out for us to simply believe in Him and peace would follow. I felt Him that day and was close to Him, then life and struggle and fear intercede and we forget that peace and go it alone. Which is truly mankind’s sin nature.

    As I read your teaching, I thought God must have created that storm to give us the opportunity to choose faith over fear. He is in the boat, we just have to get in there w Him…and sleep and enjoy the same peace He had that day and offers us daily. Today I choose faith and want to personally thank you Mike for helping me to see His Light. I will pray for you Mike and ask you to continually seek out broken guys like me that face those storms daily. You are changing lives.
    Peace and love, God Bless.

    Matt G

    • Matt,
      I believe strongly that when I meet someone on a plane like you, it is for a purpose. I also have come to believe that I need to follow up with those divinely engineered appointments. Would you email me your number at…..I would love to chat with you again…….my cell is 330-715-3921….


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