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We all have debt, don’t we?  Many of us may still owe a little from the holiday gift giving season. We have house payments and car payments, and all our debtors expect to be paid, don’t they?  In the Lord’s Prayer, we find two different words used in translating this specific section … either “debts” or “trespasses.”  My study found that the Greek word where we get the translation “debt” is Opheilema, which means SIN.  “Trespasses” is somewhat different, but looking in the English dictionary, I found something fascinating.  Both the noun and verb definitions for “trespass” include bullets which specifically use the word “SIN!”

In any language, it is clear that Jesus is referring to SIN.  Our debt may not be financial, but the expectation of The Debtor is the same … the debt must be paid!

We mess up every single day.  We get angry and impatient.  We say something we shouldn’t, or completely lose our temper.  Or maybe just a teeny, tiny, little white lie gets us off the hook with the boss, our spouse, a friend, or our children.  Let’s be honest, those are everyday SINS and we need forgiveness every day from our Father, Abba … Daddy.

Nehemiah 9:17 
Thou art a God of forgiveness, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in loving-kindness

Romans 5:20
Where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds even more.

Jesus words in this specific portion of His model of prayer speak two very distinct truths.  We need forgiveness, Yes!   But we need also, to forgive others.

I would guess that it does not take much effort for each of us to think about a situation or a someone who has “done us wrong.”  If we are quick to remember offenses, have we truly forgiven them?  Was our grace gift measured?

I have been studying John McArthur’s book The Lord’s Prayer, and he sums up very simply why we must forgive:
Forgiveness is the mark of a growing, maturing Christian
Christ is our example of forgiveness
Unforgiveness in our lives becomes a barrier between us and God
Forgiveness delivers us from God’s discipline
God deals with us as we deal with others
(I think the writer of the Golden Rule may have understood that)

Is forgiveness in order somewhere in our life?  Confess or forgive.  Take care of it … TODAY!


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