Posted by: pmarkrobb | December 14, 2013

Advent 2013 | week three




  1. My savior came to that dirty noisy stable, to bring peace and quiet to my dirty noisy heart. Thank you Lord.

  2. I have loved that song for many years. Your sharing, and the song, remind me of a theme God has brought to my awareness over the past year or so – that “life is messy”. Day to day living with people, demand, expectation, uncertainty, concern and challenge is messy! It is there that God “delivers” His Son. I see that I/we often respond with effort to “clean up” the mess or “tidy” the surroundings when we receive His delivery…… try to remove the mess. I am becoming more and more convinced that God has delivered Christ into our “messes” not to remove them, but to redeem them! To gain, regain, possession of them/us. To provide/introduce/reveal hope, peace, comfort, purpose, passion, freedom…….LIFE to our messes!

    Thank You, Father, for being present, comfortable, kind, gentle, patient, non-condemning and able in the messes of LIFE! 🙂 Thank You for so dramatically showing us that in the Bethlehem birth of Your Son while away from home, when no room in the inn, with a manger for a bed, entrusted to a young man and a virgin with no children. Maybe not a Silent Night! 🙂

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