Posted by: mikenicholsblog | June 23, 2013

in a rut?

We are all creatures of habit. Our lives become so conditioned that each day can easily look like the day before.  This month becomes a replay of last month and years pass by without meaningful growth or change.  We are creatures of habit, and too often in a rut!

Two weeks ago I was reminded of one of my ruts while attending a conference in Philadelphia. I have conditioned myself to always have breakfast, and most of the time alone, even though my wife would (and tries to) prepare something for me.  It’s just my time, and I always read the paper while I eat. Hotel food was expensive, so I ventured out to find a quick meal.  Two blocks away I found the breakfast of champions – McDonalds. It was rainy as I started out, and a monsoon by the time I finished breakfast. I was drenched crossing the first street, unable to hail a cab and had to buy an umbrella to journey back to the hotel. To top it off, I had to change clothes (even my socks) before my first meeting of the day. It all happened because I am conditioned never to miss my breakfast and paper. What a rut!

If you and I were to have a conversation about last week, you would readily be able to give me the ways that you are conditioned to live.  You would tell me about someone who is less than fun to work with (and they will never change).  The discussion would then drift into the pace of life that is weighing you down (and never seems to change).  We would probably discuss how there is never enough time to relax with those you love (too much to do).  You may even bring up that you love God and want to grow in faith, but it’s not happening (just squeezing Him in).  We may even discuss how stress has become a constant companion in your life (and never seems to leave).  Yes, we could have had that discussion about last week, and about last month and about last year.  If you and I are not careful, we condition ourselves to live in certain ways that are harmful both physically and spiritually.  What a rut we can get into!

Whether or not the above paragraph describes some part of your life, I am convinced that you know the areas where you are in a rut.  The question is, are you ready to recondition your life? I don’t think for a minute that the conditioned circumstances of your life will magically disappear. But I do believe there is an answer.

In my recent personal reading, I came across a definition of wisdom that has impacted me.  Wisdom can be defined as the mind of God revealed to us. In the midst of our circumstances, He will provide the direction and encouragement we need for each day, and I don’t believe that continuing to live in a rut is His design. Availing ourselves of His wisdom will help us make the decisions that recondition our lives. If you have too much stress, too little time, too much negativity at work, not enough time to spend with your family, and a “just squeezing God in” feeling … what would His wisdom tell you to do? Remember, God does have some thoughts that will help you.

I am not advocating quitting your job, avoiding people, eliminating all stress from your life, or abstinence from eating at McDonalds.  I am recommending that you honestly ask yourself, “Am I in a rut?”  If the answer is yes, please seek the Father’s wisdom for the answer. He has one!

Proverbs 16:3 (NLT)
Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.



  1. Great post Mike ….. Thanks

  2. Awesome reminder Mike! Love it! As a result of reading it, I have commited that with the Lord’s help I am going to slow down and spend more time just ‘hanging’ with my family and do better at living in the moment and really listening to others, placing their needs and concerns before mine. A tall order, but as you said; ‘There is an answer’, His Wisdom.

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