Posted by: mikenicholsblog | May 19, 2013

how to make it beautiful

Yesterday was a remarkably beautiful day. My actions, however, were often less than remarkable.  I have chosen to share some of the moments of my Saturday, not because they would interest you, but because they may reflect you.  My goal is always to encourage those who read our articles, and sometimes that encouragement can be drawn from relating to my weaknesses, and understanding how to apply the principles of life that you know God would choose for you.  So as you read the following words, apply your life to mine and accept what the Father will say through them.

I was able to play golf in the morning with some friends.  They are serious about golf, and I am always thankful for the opportunity to play with them.  During the first five holes, my ball mysteriously found the woods, the water, and out-of-bounds.  When my third shot on the fifth hole found high grass under tree limbs, I was no longer enjoying the companionship of my friends.  How could I possibly have made such a mess out of a beautiful Saturday morning?  As I slugged my way through the front nine, my mind went to a principle that has recently impacted my life.  It came from Joyce Meyer’s book, Power Thoughts. Since I was in need of some good thoughts, I chose to start saying the principle in my mind before each shot.  The words, “I will live in the present and enjoy each moment”, had a definite effect on the rest of my round of golf.  Over the last few weeks, I had meditated on those words countless times.  I had even badgered and cajoled others to do the same.  But it was on a beautiful Saturday during a horrible round of golf that I began to apply them.  And make no mistake, I believe the Father is pleased when you and I will live in the present and enjoy each moment.  Are you practicing this kind of living?

Then I went home and sinned.  Can you believe I would find another way to not enjoy a beautiful day? Thank goodness there was quick recovery.  We were with my mother-in-law (early afternoon), and my wife suggested that we all go out to dinner.  What? I thought my wife and I had plans to do something else, and I got selfish and gave the old silent attitude about what she suggested.  My wife noticed my discontent, but responded with grace.  As soon as we got home, I was convicted about my less than remarkable attitude.  You can call it what you want, but I was selfish and sinned against my wife.  Far greater was the sin against God.  I was reminded again this week in my study of King David’s life that relational sin is also sin against my Father.  I confessed my wrong to my wife and the Lord. Remember, if we confess our sins with a sincere heart, forgiveness comes.  Are you keeping the slate clean with others, and most importantly God?

Off to dinner we go (with a renewed attitude)!  It was a great outdoor restaurant that we all love. And then we get our all-time worst service.   A young, overwhelmed waiter completely forgot that he was serving us (it took 30 minutes to receive our drinks).  You would think that by this time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I would remember to live in the present and enjoy each moment.  But I was hungry, wanted my iced tea and I can’t stand horrible service (guess I’ve never made a mistake).  And then I remember that line again.  I was beginning to hate my own advice (not really), but in truth the words I will live in the present and enjoy each moment became clear again.  The food was great; we tipped the waiter and laughed all the way home.  But oh how I want to just live wisely, without having to be reminded.  How about you?

You may not struggle like me. Maybe you don’t even play golf!  However, there is something within me that believes you relate.  You may even be at a point (while reading this article) of needing to grab the present and live with enjoyment.  And there could be some fences you need to mend relationally.  And remember, if you have sinned against others, you have sinned against God.  Confess and move on!  By the way, when we dropped off my eighty-nine year old mother-in-law (who has only one daughter, is a widow and has virtually no social life),  she commented on what a nice time she had with us.  I guess the day ended remarkably, and I learned again how to make it beautiful.


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