Posted by: mikenicholsblog | April 7, 2013

as spring begins to blossom

Spring is trying to come to my town.  Today the temperature could even pass sixty degrees, but it will probably rain. Do I sound worn out after a winter of snow (not too much), clouds and cold weather?  You bet I am; but spring is coming and the clouds will clear, the grass will get greener and warm days are ahead.  Sometimes our spiritual and emotional journeys are reflective of a long cold winter.  Days seem cloudy and dreary and we long for spring (better days).  However, we all have choices. I can be happy on cloudy, cold, and snowy days and we can all live with joy in the midst of cloud-filled seasons.  I am convinced that all the “stuff of life” clouds our days and makes us long for spring-like changes, when in truth, winter days can be beautiful.

In thinking of writing encouraging words for today, I reflected on how easy it is for January (winter) resolutions to become April’s (spring) wishful thinking. But in my life and yours there is too much at stake.  How we live, and what we do matters.  My choice today was to write on Gideon, Samson or Ruth from the reading I have done over the last week.  However, I am convinced that you (like me) may be in need of some April refreshing.  I noticed in my own life that my firmly held resolutions of January began to fade in late March.  I came at this year with clear spiritual, personal and professional goals.  Turning my goals into permanent lifestyle habits not only benefits me, but all those who are affected in any way by my life.  All of the “stuff of life” can become an easy excuse to let those winter resolutions die before the fullness of spring has even taken hold.  But not this year!

Did you start the year determined to make this a different year spiritually?  Your winter may have begun with a strong determination to lose____ lbs.  How are you doing?  Goals such as working less, worrying less, praying more and enjoying the journey more may have been on your winter radar. As spring begins to blossom, how are you progressing?  Since I have already confessed to battling the winter blues and struggling to meet all of my objectives, I have no trouble asking you the same kinds of questions that are important to me.  My philosophy of life contains a thought that will help keep all of us moving if we really believe it. What we value gets done!  Of even greater importance is the thought that what you and I are doing should honor our Lord. So as spring begins this year, do we really value what we resolved to accomplish, and will completing our goals please the Father?

If you are battling the “stuff of life” and feeling a bit guilty, it may be time to re-think your goals. After all, it is spring, and a great moment to refresh your value-based objectives.  John Greenleaf Whittier once wrote a phrase that can challenge all of us.  “For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been.’”  Attach those words to what you need to do spiritually, personally and professionally.  Remember what we do and how we live matters.  What was started this winter needs to continue as spring begins to blossom.

I am determined to grow in meaningful ways this year. I’m sure you are just as determined.  To gaze back over this year with the words “it might have been” is just not acceptable. Too much is at stake!  We will all fail along the journey, but if we value real change, change we will! As your friend, I would like to challenge you to review what you determined was important in January (winter). If you still value those same objectives, let them leap to life again with the newness of spring. And remember, never let the words “it might have been” be said of you.


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