Posted by: mikenicholsblog | February 17, 2013

offer the kind word

It was a classic Mike.  In our family, the running joke is that if my daughter or I do something really funny or dumb, it is a Mike.  Last week was very busy. On Sunday I headed to Florida for a few days of work.  I then returned home Thursday evening just in time for a Valentine’s Day dinner of pizza with my wife.  Friday morning, there was a study that I attend at 6:30a.m. I was awake early (but not alert), and took time while I was getting ready to unplug our phones from the chargers (in the dark).  On my way to the study (6:05a.m.) the phone rang, and I thought to myself, “who is calling me this early?”  The screen said, “Mike calling,” (calling myself, hmmm)!  In my good deed of unplugging the phones, I had picked up my wife’s phone, and she was calling me.  That’s a Mike!  You may be unwilling to admit it publicly, but I bet you could name of few of your Mike’s also.

Just like we all have Mike’s, we also all have pain. During every ordinary day, we are confronted with the hurts we feel, or view from a distance the pain of others.  The question is, how should we respond? Friday evening (with our cell phone issues settled) my wife and I attended a concert.  A line from the late Zig Ziglar was used to properly express the hurt and pain that we all experience.  His quote was,  If you treat everyone as though they were hurting, you are treating the majority in the proper manner. When you and I view others with compassion (realizing that they may be hurting) there is a natural sensitivity that takes over.  Our care replaces the emotions of impatience and irritation that often dominate our attitudes.  Correspondingly, it is a fair question to ask how you and I should address the personal hurts that we feel.

Take a moment to look around you today.  I wonder what is going on in the lives of the people you will rub shoulders with.  Some of these people you like….and well, some not so much!  But if you are a Christ follower, viewing them all with the compassion of Christ will indeed have a positive effect. And remember most are hurting in some fashion.  Proverbs 12:25 says, an anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. Being consciously sensitive to the hurts around us is unusual, but needed.  Could it be that a co-worker or friend is going through a serious Mike, and just needs a fresh word of encouragement?  Why not give them that word!

You may be reading this article feeling that you are in need of that word of encouragement.  Although your personal hurt (emotional or physical) wasn’t caused by a silly Mike, you still need a pick me up. Let me be the first to give it. It is an absolute truth that God is in control, and that He absolutely cares for your hurt.  Our Father doesn’t let us go through seasons of difficulty without purpose. You may feel right now that those words are easier said than felt, but they are true.  The great author Philip Yancey gives amazing words on how to deal with moments of hurt.  He described faith as trusting in advance what you will only understand in reverse. Right now, choose to release your issue to the Father in faith, and trust Him for the results.

You may laugh at my Mikes, but none of us laugh at our pain.  We all view it, and we all experience it.  Today and all this week will you determine to offer the kind word….even to those who are often a source of frustration to you?  And never forget when you are the one hurting; there is always One who cares for you.  Hold on by faith!

p.s.  My wife has gently asked to unplug her own phone from now on!


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