Posted by: mikenicholsblog | January 27, 2013

do they matter?

In the days of our lives, there are a precious few that really stand out. There are countless good days that come to mind with a sense of joy and pride. Remembering our wedding day, the birth of a child and days of significant accomplishments can bring smiles and thankfulness.  We can all recall, as well, those days of our lives that were not so good (with no need for elaboration).  In my own life, there are distant days that are still crystal clear in my mind (whether good or bad).  But what about all of the other not so significant days of our lives, that seemingly get lost in the recesses of our mind?  Do they matter?  My assumption is that for both you and me those not so significant days have played a large role in who we are today.  Every day does matter!

For the past few days, I have been pondering the life of Joseph.  Studying his life has always been a source of encouragement to me.  My wife would tell you that his story is one of her favorites in all of Scripture.  His struggles resonate with all of us, and we love and cheer the outcome. Like you and I, Joseph’s life was littered with very significant days.  However, it is the days of his life that I know very little about that have caught my attention while pondering his life this weekend.  Did those days matter? My pondering has led me to the conclusion that, yes, they mattered, and shaped his life for the significant struggles and triumphs that fill the pages of Scripture and history.

Joseph was taken captive at seventeen and sold into slavery by his brothers.  He landed in Egypt, under the rule of the man who bought him, Potiphar.  God blessed Joseph and also the household of Potiphar because of this young man.  He was then falsely accused of immorality by his owner’s wife, and landed in, of all places, a prison.  Again, success came from the Lord and he was put in charge of all the prisoners.  God chose to use Joseph to interpret the dreams of two significant prisoners, the cupbearer and baker to the king of Egypt.  Joseph simply requested that the cupbearer remember him to the Pharaoh and get him released from prison. The cupbearer forgot!  It was two years later when Pharaoh needed his dreams interpreted that the cupbearer remembered Joseph.  The rest is history.  Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh’s dreams, and rose to second-in-command of Egypt.  Joseph was thirty when he entered the service of Pharaoh. There were lots of other days in those thirteen years of struggle.  Did they matter?

Now parallel our 21st century life experiences.  We can all remember times when someone in our family treated us poorly.  There have also probably been times when each of us has done a good job, and then been falsely accused.  And every one of us has helped someone, only to be forgotten or under-appreciated.   Along our journey, we have also experienced significant moments of triumph for a job well done.  Our experiences probably can’t compare with the depth or height of Joseph’s, but we all can relate to significant good and bad days.  But what about all of the other days of our lives; do they matter?

In Joseph’s life, as well as in your journey and mine, all of those less than significant days play a huge roll in how we respond in the days that really stand out.  Somehow, behind the scenes, Joseph’s trust, humility and character were forged.  It is no coincidence that Scripture conveys God’s blessing and kindness to this young man.  In God’s preparation for Joseph to help lead Egypt, He let him go through deep trials.  And during those ordinary seemingly insignificant days (that did matter), Joseph responded to God in ways that prepared him for the days that have stood out for all to see. Every day does matter!

Today, tomorrow and every day are opportunities for you and me to practice the trust, humility and character that will prepare us for the days that stand out.  Embrace Him today, because every day matters!



  1. Great interpretation; blessed by it this morning.
    Thanks for your Faitfulness!
    In my own life, I am reminded often, About how those insignificant days, are the days that I am living A blessed life, thanks to the “The Living Hope” I have found
    In Jesus!!!

    • Thanks Tim for the kind words

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