Posted by: mikenicholsblog | December 30, 2012

how will I view and what will I do?

Tomorrow it all starts again.  Every day will matter, and we will have choices during each and every one of them.  Not one of us knows what 2013 will hold for us individually, or in our world globally. However, there are some aspects of life that we can control, and I want to implore you (yes implore) to let 2013 be a year that you discipline yourself to read Scripture on a daily basis.  There is nothing (nothing!) that can take the place of God’s Word infused into your life.  To get the point, take a lesson from this true story about an old Harley Davidson, and what happened one ordinary day.

In his book Meeting God at a Dead End, Ron Mehl tells the story of a garage sale guru named Bob. Bob hailed from Downey, CA and obviously was enthralled with the weekly opportunity to find a diamond in the rough in the midst of someone else’s junk. On one particular Saturday morning, an old motorcycle caught his attention.  Bob asked about its price, but the owner tried to discourage him, explaining that the motor was frozen and repairing the old bike could cost as much as a new motorcycle. But Bob, the garage sale guru, won the day and the motorcycle for thirty-five dollars.

In a few days Bob reached out to Harley Davidson to get information on prices for some new parts.  He gave the registration number of the vehicle, and after a wait, received an odd response from the other end of the line. “Uh, sir… I’m going to have to call you back, okay?  Could I get your full name, address, and phone number, please?”

Bob was rightfully concerned, and wondered if the bike had been involved with an accident or even a crime? A few days later the answer began to unfold. He received a call from an executive with Harley Davidson. His odd request was, “Bob, I want you to do something for me. Take the seat off your bike and see if anything is written underneath. Would you do that for me, Bob?”

Bob moved to his bike, removed the seat, then went back to the phone and told the executive what he found. “Yes,” Bob replied, “it does have something written there. It’s engraved, and it says THE KING.” There was moment of silence on the phone and then Bob heard these words, “Bob, my boss has authorized me to offer you $300,000 for that motorcycle.  How about it?” I can’t imagine what Bob was thinking at that moment, but the garage sale guru let the executive know he would have to think about it, and hung up.

The very next day Bob got another call from someone you have undoubtedly heard of … Jay Leno. “Bob,” Jay said, “I’ve heard about your motorcycle and want to offer you $500,000 for it.”  By now you must have figured out that Bob had stumbled upon an old motorcycle that had been owned by THE KING, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. It’s a safe assumption that Bob would agree that Every Day Matters on the garage sale circuit.

Think about it; on one ordinary day, what looked to be a broken down and useless motorcycle became a treasure to behold.  Now please accept my challenge in the right spirit.  You hold within your possession a priceless Treasure. It may be on the shelf, in a closet, on a coffee table, or even left in your car from week to week. In contrast, many reading this article may have held this Treasure in high esteem during 2012. Good for you! But tomorrow, we all begin a new journey, and every day will matter.  The question we must all ask for 2013 is this; how will I view and what will I do with this Treasure?

Comparing a broken down motorcycle owned by the king, Elvis Presley, to the Treasure of God’s Word (given to us by the King of glory) may seem trivial, but I hope you get my point. It’s all about understanding value. When we do, the Word will become a priceless treasure to us. For 2013, I can make you a promise … daily infusion of His Word will change your life.  And remember, Bob would certainly tell you and me that Every Day Matters!



  1. Great post ! What a perfect post as we begin the new year.

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