Posted by: mikenicholsblog | November 22, 2012

thanks for…

By the time you read this article, Thanksgiving Day has arrived or even passed. I struggle with how to encourage you to say thanks. This may have been your best year ever, or one you want to forget. Depending on how your year is going, Thanksgiving this year may be a great time, or it could be one of those “just get this over with” sort of days. But for just a moment, let me share with you a memory from one of my rough Thanksgiving seasons. It reminded me that I can be thankful, even in the tough times.

It was the only time in my adult life when I was without a job. Genel and I had a small child, school payments, the regular bills and an emotional state that was less than stellar. There happened to be a man in our lives who acted as a mentor. He was successful in business, strong in faith and just a great friend. During our dry season, I would see him periodically. It was incredible how often, as he shook my hand, there would be a fifty dollar bill attached. I was pretty proud, and he may never have known what that gesture meant to me emotionally and literally. Those moments of kindness always picked me up, let me know that someone cared, and met our needs in special ways (including groceries). Genel shared with me the other day that she is challenged to care for others because of what that man did for us. This afternoon I felt challenged to call this wonderful man, and say thank you. Why? Because it has been over two decades since his kind handshakes, and we’ve never forgotten them, and we never will.  Our friend had a heart that had been radically changed by faith in Christ, and the love of Christ was extended to us.

So here is my feeble attempt at encouraging you to say thanks.This year, whether it’s been a great one, or just one of those” get it over with” ones, I am going to challenge you to do something.  There may be someone in your past or present that needs to hear these words from you…..”thanks for___________________.” It could be that stretching yourself to say thanks to someone who has blessed or benefited you will encourage them. But you’ll never know if you don’t say it. We haven’t seen our friend face to face in many years, but his love and kindness are still fresh today. I am not sure if he reads our articles, but if he does, thanks again, Bill.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also say thanks to the Source of all good gifts. Psalms 100 gives us words to repeat on Thanksgiving Day, and every other day.  For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Thanks Father, and thanks for giving all of us a “Bill” or two in our life to extend your love.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Journey onWord!


  1. Thanks for this story Mike and for urging me to reach back and thank those who helped me along the way. See you Thursday.

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