Posted by: mikenicholsblog | November 11, 2012

don’t think for one minute…

Last week, after almost thirty-six years of marriage, my wife Genel and I had our first November vacation. There was nothing especially pressing in choosing that certain month, except we needed a break and early November gave us the opportunity to get away.  It was quiet, sunny and, for the most part, relaxing.  There were, however, a few exciting moments, and I am not talking about the non-stop election result coverage and analysis. One particular event brought us back to a real sense that our God is in control and is the Great Orchestrator of our lives.  In the everyday moments of life, I don’t think most people look at or really think about God’s care and control.  But this particular moment has really made me think and feel good about our God’s design over life.  By now you may be wondering … what happened?

On Thursday morning, we decided to go our separate ways.  A local golf course needed a few extra golf balls, so I obliged.  Genel however, wanted to sit at the beach on a cool, but sunny day (how boring).  She put her supplies together and for some reason took along a can of root beer (which she doesn’t usually drink).  There was just a smattering of people at the beach when a heavy-set man came up in a panic. “Does anyone have change for a twenty?”  Genel explained how she had used her money for parking.  He then said something like, “This is the only drink machine for ten miles and no one has any change.  I’ve got to have a drink.  I’m diabetic and need sugar.”  Genel pulled out the root beer that she doesn’t even drink and said, “I have a root beer; will this work?”  “Oh no, I can’t take your drink,” was this frantic man’s reply.  She then said, “Take it, I don’t drink root beer.”   At that point he took the can, guzzled the sugary mix and stated in a serious tone, “Thanks, you saved my life.” and walked away.

We just happened to be on our first November vacation.  Someone just happened to leave root beer in our refrigerator where we were staying.  Genel just happened to pull a can of root beer out of the refrigerator.  It just happened to be Thursday that golf was calling me and the beach was beckoning Genel.  She just happened to go in the afternoon when the man just happened to need help.  Oh, but wait, I don’t think any of this just happened.  And I would bet that the diabetic man thought that this nice lady with root beer didn’t just happen to show up.  I believe God is in control, and at a crucial moment for a frantic man, God placed Genel in his path.  You may think this is a cute story, and not really that big of a deal, but don’t tell that to any diabetic!  At a frightening moment, God placed someone in the man’s path.

So I ask you, “Does God care about the everyday moments of your life?”  I know the answer… YES!  In my study of the book of Esther, I came upon a line about God’s providential workings.  It was in Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Old Testament.  Warren Weirsbe reminded me of a diabetic in need of root beer with the following words;

God’s name is nowhere seen in this book (Esther), but God‘s hand is nowhere missing!  He is “standing somewhere in the shadows” ruling and overruling.

Don’t think for one minute that our lives are out of His view.  He knows when we have pain, when we are at our wits end, when no one else understands, and for sure, when we need a good sip of root beer.

I have no idea why God placed my wife at such a place.  But I am so thankful that we serve a God who is always “standing somewhere in the shadows” with the power to rule and overrule.  This week you may find yourself feeling alone or even overwhelmed with life.  If you do, remember the sugary root beer and a thirsty diabetic.  And I know that my God cares that much for you!


  1. Great article and GREAT reminder. Sounds like Jenel had a fulfilling day, but how was the golf game? Herman

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