Posted by: pmarkrobb | September 10, 2012

speak life

In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.
Brennan Manning from Abba’s Child

How does that statement resonate with you?  Does your heart exhale an experience-laden “yes!”; does your head reject the dramatic and definitive nature of it; or is there some ground in between where you land?  Six months ago, I believe my answer would have been the latter.  I would likely have considered the statement to be essentially truthful, but struggled with the categorical words “every” and “no.”  I am, however, just emerging from a deep and extended trial, where I have seen and experienced its truth.

In discovering Brennan’s quote this week, I found words that named the conscious decision I made at the outset of the trial.  I decided almost immediately, upon being immersed in its circumstances, that I would only seek and speak truth.  Over the duration, there have been too many opportunities to count to falter or betray that decision, but without exception and only through the power of Christ, I have remained true to my prayerful promise.  I have no doubt that my circumstances are not unique, and if we were to sit and share, you would have your own stories to tell.  Stories of test and trial where there was great temptation to return hurt under the cover of righteous rebuke.  When we are wounded, how strong is the urge within us to pick up a stone?  But how true is it also that our Savior rightly turns to us in those moments and asks, “are you without sin?”

I have found great solace in remaining in this place of truth.  And I have seen the dramatic effect that only speaking truth in love (Eph. 4:15) can have in both the one you are talking to or confronting, and within yourself.  When we choose to speak the truth in love we always give life.  When the words we say are sourced from the One who loved and forgave us first, we speak life.

I encourage you today to make that commitment, not only in test or trial, but in the minutes and seconds and encounters of your everyday.  Speak life to someone and be watchful for what results, not only in them but also in you.  Love and life that are spoken or gifted in action never return void.

Seek and speak truth.  Seek and speak life.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We remember today, and say a prayer for continued comfort and healing for the family and friends of those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001.


  1. Good to hear from a “Truth Seeker” and speaker. God has encouraged me through your words today. 🙂 Is there any neutral ground with God? Follower-nonfollower, love-hate, good-evil. It is an interesting question. It seems it could lead to great guilt or great freedom. Is there any neutral ground there? Thanks for furthering my thoughts!!

    Enjoy the day He has made!


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