Posted by: mikenicholsblog | June 28, 2012

the Master Storyteller

We have all sat on the edge of our seat listening to a master storyteller. The time passed quickly, and the learning experience was enjoyable. You’ve also likely had the opposite experience. The speech was filled with great content, but the presentation was boring. Before we knew it, we were counting down the minutes until the endurance test was over. There is no question about which learning experience we all prefer. I am also pretty certain that our level of retention was much higher with the story-teller. Great stories can make truth come to life. From my perspective, all of us should be very interested in listening from the Master Storyteller.

It has been stated that one-third of Jesus’ teaching in the gospels was in parables. God chose to use stories as one way to convey spiritual truth. Even those with little Biblical knowledge have heard of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. But there is so much more to glean from the Master Storyteller. Matthew, Mark and Luke are laced with wisdom and counsel from the Son of God in parables.

To be perfectly candid, I have read and re-read the parables of Christ. But I have never really studied them in a comprehensive way. It has usually been in more isolated instances. Sure, I have taught the different parables and even gained wonderful insight from them. But to my dismay, I have never taken the time to really examine the parables as a whole. Can I safely assume that you haven’t either? For me (and I hope you), insight into the parables is about to change, and I hope you will take the challenge to study Jesus’ parables with our journey team.

Starting this Sunday (7/1) we will spend an entire quarter looking at parables from the Master Storyteller.  We will examine the vast majority of parables that Jesus taught through our daily Bible reading. If you don’t have a reading plan to follow right now, or have gotten a little lax in your Bible reading, start with us on Sunday. Our goal is to go slower and deeper through different parables and learn what main lesson Christ has for us to learn. Feel free to use the study note templates that will be available at and also linked within each Saturday’s weekly Bible reading email (subscribe at journeyonword today if you don’t currently receive them).

The Master Storyteller gave great insight through the avenue of parables. To think that one-third of His teaching was in this form is amazing to me. My desire is to understand in a fuller and more complete way the richness and powerful truths contained within them. If you would travel with us through the parables over the next twelve weeks, you may just find that the Master Storyteller will keep you on the edge of your seat. With treasure-filled truths!

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