Posted by: mikenicholsblog | April 27, 2012

Creator and Calmer

Man Up would be the term used today for my apparent weakness on the high seas. It was over twenty-five years ago when I went deep-sea fishing with a group of work associates and friends. Our group consisted of all men, most of whom loved fishing (not me). We set out from Key West on the mildest of days. The waves were no more than one foot high. Easy day for a rookie, you might say. Well not for me; I threw up (sorry), and felt a bit silly in front of my friends. Can you imagine me on a boat with real waves? Forget man up; I would be looking to bail out.

Storms on the Sea of Galilee are known to be sudden and even violent. On the occasion that Jesus led the disciples across the lake and into a storm, it wasn’t just a one foot wave kind of sea. In my studies, it was noted that the storm was so severe that it took on the properties of a hurricane. So if we are to get the setting correct, Christ leads them out into the water knowing that a storm is coming … and goes to sleep. His disciples, who I perceive would have been experienced on the water, are left to navigate a violent storm. Fearing for their lives, they confront the Savior with the desperate circumstances (not a one foot sea). Jesus rebukes the wind and the raging waves, and then rebukes his disciples for their lack of faith.

This week I have looked at the storm with human logic (although not right), and pondered what Christ was doing with His disciples, and correspondingly how we should look at storms. My logic said, “So He takes the disciples into a violent storm where they fear drowning, and then rebukes them for a lack of faith. Why?”  How would I (you) have responded?  Too often, just like the disciples. With my personality, I can imagine walking into the place where Jesus was sleeping and saying, “excuse me Jesus, but we’ve got an ISSUE.” But wait a minute, I have lived through my share of storms (and so have you), and I know better than to place my human logic above faith in the Creator and Calmer of the high seas.

So what was Jesus trying to convey to His disciples, and what can you and I learn for our storms, even hurricane-force ones? There is much to glean from the parallel passages on the event, but for me one primary thought has come to the forefront. My Lord is absolutely in control. He knew where He was taking them, and He knows where He is taking you and I. The disciples fear was wrong or Jesus would not have rebuked them. Therefore, you and I must conclude that even in the most difficult of storms there is a safe place of faith. For me, it is a choice of the will to ride the waves with calmness that can only come from God.

Today you may be facing a storm. You want to cry out with human logic like the disciples, “Teacher, don’t you care that we drown?” Of course He cares. And He also knows how to calm your high seas. Your circumstances may still include difficulty, pain and even financial stresses but you can rest in the safe place of faith. There would have been no rebuke of the disciples if they had availed themselves of His available peace. I see too much of the disciples in me, but this week I’ve been reminded again that our storms are under the control of Jesus Christ. Are you facing a storm today? By faith, release it to Him!

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