Posted by: pmarkrobb | April 7, 2012

appropriate silence

The quiet of my surroundings seems to echo the silence in scripture of the most “famous” Sabbath in history. While it would be interesting to know what the disciples and other followers of Jesus were doing or thinking on that day, God has purposed to leave that curiosity unanswered.  Maybe it’s because God knows that we would try to emulate it, and then add to it.  You know, sort of like the ancient’s did to the Passover celebration in corrupting the temple or we moderns have done to Christmas.

It seems quite appropriate for there to be silence on this day.  The pause of quiet between the gravity of suffering and separation on Friday and the brilliant burst of joy and redemption on Sunday, serves us well in properly absorbing and processing all Christ did for us.  It creates the right amount of contrast between the grays, blacks and brilliant whites, the death that should have been ours and the hope and life we can now claim.

Be sober, and be vigilant … Resurrection is coming!


  1. Thanks brother, for the walk through this week. Our culture perhaps sees “silence” as an emptiness or void – a pause or holding pattern until we or God moves again. I see such power and purpose in silence.

    So, with that, I’ll be silent.


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