Posted by: mikenicholsblog | March 28, 2012

so you’ve had a bad week

Try looking back at last week and remembering all the specifics. So much happens in the course of seven days that we tend to lose connection with many of the events. But in seasons of difficulty, our memories become laser sharp in recalling the days of our week. Although Peter’s life was far different from ours; his memory probably never dismissed the events of one particular week. You know the week, as it started with the triumphal entry and came to a climax with our Savior hanging on a cross.

A quick read of the events gives us insight into the selfless love of Christ, and the struggles of His disciples. In the upper room He washed their feet in an incredible picture of love. Later that week in a garden called Gethsemane, Christ gave us the ultimate example of doing the Father’s will. And then, for you and me, He hung on a cross and took the sins of the whole world on Himself. There is no greater love.

Contrast that love with the week Peter experienced. How could someone spend so much time with Christ and make so many blunders? When Christ washed the feet of His disciples in the upper room, Peter had a problem with it. It’s a fascinating discourse as Christ provides an amazing picture of a humble servant, and Peter objects before relenting. Wouldn’t Peter have known, or trusted that his Lord knew what He was doing?  And how about the scene of Christ’s arrest?!  Do you remember Peter’s part? With a swing of his sword, he cut off a soldier’s ear, which drew a rebuke from Christ. Christ reminded Peter that the Father had prepared the cup for Him to drink.

To continue his “not so stellar week,” Peter had fallen asleep with two other disciples as Christ prayed in the garden. Obviously, Christ was not pleased that His friends failed in keeping watch.  But Peter’s ultimate failure came with his infamous denials. Christ predicted them, and Peter passionately in responded, “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” (Matt. 26:35). We all know what happened next … only a matter of hours later. I can only imagine that for the rest of Peter’s life, he contemplated how it all could have gone so wrong.

Can you imagine a worse week?!  I can!  Not because I have had one, but because as terrible as it may have gone for Peter, for Jesus it was infinitely worse. Gethsemane alone was wrenching, but the cross was beyond brutal.  The cross where he bore the sins of all for all of time, was crucified, and paid the price for us with the shedding of his blood.  But after all his suffering, and ultimate sacrifice, the sun broke on the morning of the first day of the next week and we find an empty tomb! He has risen!  He has risen, indeed!

Just as salvation’s story did not end at the cross, Peter’s didn’t either.  Further study shows that our risen Savior restored Peter, and he was used dramatically in God’s continuing work.  Oh what love, Oh what a Savior, Oh what grace! So the next time you have a bad week, remember Peter.  And remember your Savior who is ready with open arms to forgive and restore.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Our traditional format of two posts per week will be changing next week (and only next week).  Beginning on Palm Sunday and continuing through resurrection day, we will be posting once each day focusing on the events of Christ’s life on that specific day.  We pray that you will join us in going slower and deeper on Jesus final steps towards the cross, the grave, and resurrection.  We believe you must go through Friday to get to Sunday, but we also believe there is so much richness in Christ’s final and intentional steps towards those life changing days.  Join us as we journey onWord through Holy Week.


  1. Looking foraward to a journey through Holy Week with you. Thank You!

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