Posted by: mikenicholsblog | January 15, 2012

more in a moment

Have you ever put an item back on the shelf because you didn’t want to wait that long in the check-out line for just one thing? Maybe you have even raced through a yellow light, rather than wait at an especially long red light. Illustrations are endless of how we seek to avoid “the wait”. It’s not just in the inconvenient, “I’m in a hurry,” moments when waiting tends to try our patience. You, like me, are probably going through a waiting experience right now. There is no doubt that God has chosen waiting as a valuable tool for all of us. But our natural inclinations often conflict with His waiting room.

Even those who know little of Scripture have heard about the raising of Lazarus from the dead. A careful reading of the events leading up to this miracle is instructive for anyone with a desire to understand the Father’s care. John chapter 11 tells the story. The sisters of Lazarus, Mary and Martha sent word to Christ that their brother was sick. Instead of coming immediately or healing Lazarus from a distance, Christ waited….and his friend died. Jesus arrives four days later. The pain of loss was real for both Mary and Martha. They say to Christ, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”  Was Christ cruel, too busy, insensitive, or did He have a greater plan in mind? God’s design was to raise Lazarus from the dead, use the event in the lives of the witnesses, and teach generations that followed. I wonder if His “waiting room” still has a purpose today? Of course it does!

You and I want God to be at our disposal, and answer when we call. He wants us to trust His timing, and wait with patient hearts. My heart tends to cry out like Mary and Martha, even though from experience, I know that His waiting rooms are needed in my life. The words from a book on prayer by Ronnie Floyd have helped my “hurry up God” spirit lately. He stated: “God can do more in a moment that you can do in a lifetime.” If He can raise the dead in a moment of time, I’d rather trust Him and accept the waiting.

Logic tells me that most individuals reading this believe in God’s sovereignty for all of life. I am also aware that you battle His control in the midst of your “waiting room” circumstances. It is a given that we don’t like to wait in lines, or at red lights. Truth be told, we also want answers from God right now! But as Christ followers, since we believe that He is in control (“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28), shouldn’t we accept that our current waiting fits with His design for us?

I have no way of knowing what kind of “wait” you are experiencing at this moment. But as your friend, let me challenge you to look at this circumstance as an opportunity to rest in His control. God knows you, cares for you, wants the best for you, and knows best when to provide the answers you need. You won’t see Him raise the dead, but you can see Him build your life: Just be still and wait patiently.


  1. I so needed this today. I am sitting here praying that my foot heals quickly, because I have so much to do.

    I know that God is using this for his Glory, but as I have been off my foot for the past week and have five more to go I just can’t imagine not being able to get them done for that long of a period.

    Thank you for your insight and may God Bless you!

  2. Darla,

    Thanks for your comments. He knows what He is doing in your life.

    Be Blessed.


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