Posted by: mikenicholsblog | October 16, 2011

time to recalibrate?

Do you ever sense that your spiritual journey has become too explainable? Certainly you believe miracles still happen, just not for you. It has been a couple of years ago now that a friend shared with me his passion about God doing the unexplainable, yet undeniable. This brief discussion sparked serious thought on my part about the unexplainable workings of God in our lives. It is fun and even encouraging to think of Moses and the Red Sea, or Jesus feeding the five thousand. From the pages of Scripture to the recordings of history, God’s love and grace is seen in events that are unexplainable, yet undeniable. We all have the tension however, of transferring Bible knowledge to a faith that expects the unexplainable. If you are feeling that your spiritual life is a bit too explainable, determine with me to never live that way again.

A personal confession might give more insight to my premise. Throughout my spiritual journey, I have seen God do the unexplainable. His protection, provision and grace have been undeniable to me. But there are times when distractedness creeps into my journey. I could easily rationalize the “why”, but too much me, and too little God becomes the norm of my explainable life. Correspondingly, less unexplainable moments! If your journey has taken similar travels, you know the frustrations I have encountered.

The sequel to my distractedness has always been a commitment to recalibrate my spiritual equilibrium. As if on cue, unexplainable moments seem to happen again. Sometimes the thoughts of “would they have happened anyway” creep in.  But I am confident that these coincidences (like there are such things) are from the Lord. I may not be able to explain everything, but His working has been undeniable. No matter the place of your journey, traveling a road of only believing what you can explain will only weaken your faith and dampen your joy. We should not be so bold as to think just because we refocus, God is bound to perform some immediate unexplainable miracle. But the fact remains that He blesses those who walk with a surrendered, faith filled heart. That’s undeniable!

Twice in the last week I have encountered passages of Scripture that speak of God being able to do the impossible. Once was in response to his disciples asking, “who then can be saved” after Jesus spoke on the difficulty of the rich entering the kingdom of God. The other passage spoke of John the Baptist’s mother becoming pregnant in her old age. What is impossible with man is very possible with God. Unexplainable, yet undeniable!

If your life is explainable today, don’t continue to live that way. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” If you have stopped praying fervently for your children, given up on finding a job, or lost hope that God may heal your loved one, you are living by only the explainable. Our impossibilities are no match for the power of God. He still saves the rich, heals our loved ones, and restores our children. We may not be able to explain it, but when He moves it’s undeniable.

Our entire faith is built on the unexplainable, undeniable love of Christ. The Virgin Birth, His death and resurrection, our eternal life … unexplainable, yet undeniable! And I believe that He still does unexplainable miracles for us today. Do you?

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