Posted by: mikenicholsblog | August 18, 2011

flawed and fallen thinking

Last week I focused a good bit on living in the moment, and even spoke to some teachers about the concept. It sure is easy to communicate living each moment to the fullest and not worrying about all that could happen tomorrow. Reality, however (for me at least) is that tomorrow’s issues can cloud today, and often moments throughout my day distract me from the spiritual concepts I so easily promote. Right after sharing about living in the moment, I headed for an airport. On the way I stopped for gas, and couldn’t get the fuel tank opened on my rental car. My patience was stretched to say the least. Then after checking in at the airport and getting to the security checkpoint, I realized that the reservation clerk had kept my driver’s license. So back I go to the ticket counter … living in the moment. I absolutely know that my moments and yours are under the watchful eye of our all-knowing God. But I have found (as I’m sure you have) that our thoughts often run contrary to the will of our all-knowing God.

“Living in the moment” sounds like good Christian speak, but are not words that most Christ followers would use to describe themselves.  But why not? After all, we live under the authority of our all-knowing God, who loves us, cares for us and desires our best. You may have already started listing your excuses, at least mentally. “Of course, I would like to live in the moment, but ___________”. Like you, I can easily list my “why not’s,” but I am convinced that those in my life deserve me living in the moment. Follow Christ on a journey through the New Testament and you will find that He very much lived in the moment, and on purpose. You and I may have passed by the woman at the well, decided not to wash the disciples feet, and we almost certainly would have sent the 5000 on their way. But in those moments, He loved in special ways. With Christ as our model, living in the moment should be a high priority.

One of the reasons that we miss the moments and live with too much stress, anxiety and fear of the future is our flawed and fallen thinking. In my reading this week, I have been challenged to “renew my mind.” The verse that closes 1 Corinthians 2 grabbed my attention as I read, “… But we have the mind of Christ.” (speaking of believers). Our struggle isn’t in knowing these principles but in taking “… captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Cor. 10:5b). God our Father knows everything about our journey, and understands all the reasons we use for not living in the moment. But He has given us the capacity to bring every thought into obedience and He wants to renew our minds. But is that the way we really want to live?

I believe the answer for most believers is “yes”. But I also feel there is a huge disconnect between what most Christians believe, and how they live. And without a willingness to stop making excuses and renew our minds, stress, anxiety and fear will distract us all from living in the moment. The internal change needs to come from growing and meditating on the Word, and yielding each day to His authority. If you are struggling to enjoy the moments, you are probably not enjoying the Word or your relationship with Christ very much. Why not today?

I have not arrived, but I am slowing down. When I miss a meaningful moment, it’s gone but I am becoming more aware of it. Those in my life need my faith to work, not tomorrow, but in the moment. Who needs your faith to work? Renew your mind!

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