Posted by: mikenicholsblog | February 9, 2011

the right Tool

My travel experiences are beginning to amuse me. To call all of the things that happen along the way an adventure, would be an understatement. I accept the fact that many of my adventures are of my own making, but what happened Monday night was not. I had ridden with some friends from Ohio to South Carolina, arriving at their home shortly after 10p.m. They have a beautiful home, but upon entering we noticed that something was amiss. Water had started to leak from a pipe upstairs and was exiting the ceiling through a light fixture in their foyer. Simply carrying luggage in from the car immediately turned into stopping a potential catastrophe. I was amazed as my friend got his tools and headed upstairs. Before long he had cut into a wall, started removing copper pipes, used a blow torch and generally had everything under control.  You would be pleased to know that I accomplished my role effectively also. Using towels to dry the floor, turning the water valve on and off, and using my talents to hold a flashlight steady were my contributions to the project.

Do you ever feel like your life is just one adventure after another? Today it’s a leaking pipe, tomorrow a broken cell phone, and then a new set of challenges the next. That’s just life! The adventures are coming, and how we prepare for them determines our joy on the journey. For anyone who is a Christ follower, what greater preparation can we have than consistent growth through His Word? We can gain great insight through the counsel of others, reading good books or attending church and seminars, but nothing has greater impact than the truth of Scripture. You may think it rhetorical for me to write an article admonishing you to read His Word. But experience tells me that most believers in Christ know they need to read the Word, but often leave the pages unopened.  The reason my friend could effectively attack the water leak was because he knew how to use his tools. If confronted with a similar situation, my first response would have been…GET ME A PLUMBER!  In your adventuresome life, are you comfortable with the Tool that God has provided for you?

At Journey onWord, we will always be relentless in challenging you to be a student of God’s Word. There is nothing that can compare to getting to know God from His revelation to us. It is easy to study and read about God, but critical to hear from Him. Would you agree that perspective on your personal adventures will be clearest when viewed through the lens of Scripture?  Every day we are confronted with choices in life that are not easy. We need advice on how to handle them, and God in His grace has chosen to give us His perspective.  In the adventure you are current encountering, are you comfortable that you are in tune with His perspective? You can be!

You may be asking, “Why is He telling me to read Scripture? I know that”. My answer would be that I know of no other way to have a better perspective on life and its adventures. You and I have at our disposal the absolute truth of God’s Word to guide us in any circumstance. We can all present our excuses for not opening the revealed Word of God, but in truth there are no valid reasons. God has chosen to give us His Word, and He wants us to know it.  As I often say, “yesterday ended at midnight”, so today you can begin afresh in gaining His perspective.  There is nothing in your life or mine that can replace His counsel.

My friend’s example gave me a clear understanding on not just having tools, but knowing how, and being prepared at a moments notice to use them. In your life, God has provided you with an eternal, life changing Tool. Don’t be left holding a flashlight watching others live with joy on the journey. God’s Word is for you!

:: special note :: If you haven’t yet begun to read through the New Testament with us, join us today.  If you have just happened upon our journey site, here’s your invitation.  If you are current with us, Praise God, and keep going!  And if you began, but have lost touch, start back today.  We will be reading through the New Testament another few times before year’s end, so don’t be burdened by the urge to try to catch up.  Simply check the listing on the right-hand side of the site and begin with today’s reading.  Journey onWord with us, God’s Word is for you!


  1. Amen!!! What a great way to start my day in such a bad week. Thanks

    • Praise the Lord Marty…keep looking up

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