Posted by: mikenicholsblog | December 15, 2010

what’s your meter reading?

Earlier this week our family was in the world’s largest department store. It was a time of joy for my wife and daughter, and an hour of sitting at Starbucks for me. As I entered the Macy’s store on 34th street in New York City, I was confronted with their believe it meter. It reminded me of Santa and the Miracle on 34th Street. Children everywhere love to believe in Santa, his gifts, and the chimney. Christmas is a time when small children love to believe in Santa, but the miracle we celebrate is that God became man. Now that’s a miracle! Do you still believe in miracles?

A friend once shared with me what he considered to be a miracle.  During the course of our discussion, he was passionate about God doing the unexplainable, yet undeniable. From the pages of Scripture and the recordings of history, God’s love and grace can be seen in events that are unexplainable and undeniable. Psalm 78:14 says, “You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.” But a constant stress point is moving our intellectual understanding to a faith that expects the unexplainable. I can promise you that walking by sight and not by faith will keep your journey explainable. But is that where anyone wants to live? Do you believe in miracles?

A personal confession might give more insight to my premise. Throughout my spiritual journey, I have seen God do the unexplainable. His protection, provision and grace have been undeniable to me. But sometimes I have sensed a distractedness that leads to living earthbound and not really expecting God to do much. It is easy to believe in miracles, but just not expect them in my own life. I asked someone last week if they believed in miracles. The answer was “yes”, but the sense was: not for me. You probably have felt the same way. We accept that God hung our world in space, sent His son as a baby, and raised a crucified Christ from the grave. But it is easy to lose sight of His desire to do the unexplainable, yet undeniable in our lives. Do you believe in miracles?

God is a miracle worker. He still does miracles today. Santa, and a Macy’s believe it meter get us in the Christmas spirit. But what about living every single day believing that God cares enough to do the unexplainable, yet undeniable in your life. I have found that by simply living out what I believe, the unexplainable often happens. But too often, I live and pray too low on the real believe it meter. It is easy to live in the “not for me” world of believing in His miracles. Do you believe in miracles?

To be clear, we should not live with a faith that just treats God like a Santa. We ask and He is bound to give. Nor should we live with a faith that believes in miracles, but not for me. God in his sovereignty knows when to do the unexplainable, yet undeniable in our lives. And He wants us to live by faith, not sight. His design is to bless those who will walk with a surrendered, faith-filled heart. In this season of celebration, we have the opportunity to redirect our thoughts around our faith, His power, and His ability to do miracles, even for me. Will you believe in miracles?

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