Posted by: mikenicholsblog | September 26, 2010

no comparison

Each new day seems to bring a new crisis. Just two short years ago gas was four dollars a gallon. Then it was the global economic collapse. Before we knew it, the recession was in full throttle, and our housing industry was in shambles. Stimulus money came to help, but unemployment still continued to rise. We moved from a war with Iraq to serious conflict in Afghanistan. Europe went into survival mode this year, and then most recently, oil in the Gulf. So goes life in a sin-stained world. For as long as we live, there will continually be a new national, or world crisis to observe. Most of us would relish a day or a week when the nightly news spoke of a world not in crisis mode. Correspondingly, Christ followers long for seasons when life is not so tough.

How often do you observe someone whose life is just plain easy street? No money issues, no job conflicts, no church struggles and the family is, in a word, perfect. You are probably smiling, as you say, “NEVER!” And although we would like some days or weeks of relative calm, life in a sin-stained world is difficult. With the fall, came the end of life on easy street. From what we see in Scripture and history, along with our observations of global and personal issues, is there any doubt that life will always be tough? But to all who claim the name of Christ, there can be peace in the midst of our chaos.

Perspective is important. We all have moments of frustration over why life is hard, and why God doesn’t seem to intervene quicker. But if we view our journey in the context of His will, and trust His sovereignty, our outlook changes. You, or someone you care about, may be going through a season of difficulty right now. Have you noticed how your flesh wants to cry out, “Hurry up God”?! But when you are convinced He is absolutely in control, and deeply cares about the situation, your spirit can be calmed. Perspective really matters as you navigate in a sin-stained world. Corrie Ten Boom said it well:

“God is using the experience of our life to weave a pattern. We only see the knots and tangled threads, as if viewed from behind. Someday when we enter God’s presence, we will see the beautiful design on the front that He crafted with exquisite wisdom and skill, during our earthly existence.”

Our Father in His grace will give us joy on our journey. But that doesn’t change the fact that there will be those seasons of difficulty when the heavens seemed closed. Accept by faith that, “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry”. (Ps 34:15)  Determine to live each moment knowing He is watching and listening.

We can almost be assured of new economic stress, oil spilling somewhere, gas prices going up, and wars breaking out. Life in a sin-stained world is just that way. From a personal standpoint, there will always be a new circumstance or crisis. But in Christ, we have absolute availability to the throne of God. In knowing that He cares and sees, and then living that out daily, absolutely changes the way we view life in a sin-stained world.

That’s why I don’t think there’s any comparison between the present hard times and the coming good times. (Romans 8:18 – MSG)


  1. heaven seems closed right now….’sin-stained world’ is an understatement!

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