Posted by: mikenicholsblog | July 4, 2010

declaration of dependence

I have a close friend who I think loves the nation’s birthday even more than his own.  He loves each year to take in a multitude of fireworks displays and watch revolutionary era documentaries and movies in the days leading up to, and including Independence Day.  He owns every flag t-shirt Old Navy has ever made, loves picnics, and has been known to go to sleep humming Sousa marches.

He also is responsible for changing his church’s road sign a few times a year.  And makes sure annually that July is assigned to him.  He recently shared one of his sign sayings with me …

faith’s document is a
declaration of dependence

The fabric of our nation’s birth, is woven with the thread of strong faith.  But the freedom earned with the blood of patriots, was the result of our people’s collective desire for independence.  In stark contrast, the foundation of our faith has as its cornerstone, a strong statement of dependence.  I desire God, and He desires me.  I have no hope separate from the sacrifice of his Son.  Apart from Him, “I can’t” is my best.  But, “I can do everything …” (Philippians 4:13) when He is the one I depend on.

In a people so defined by rugged individualism, dependence is more often seen as a sign of weakness.  In my world, as a kingdom citizen, the weak shall be strong, and the meek will inherit the earth.

On this, and every July 4th, I join my friend in celebrating my citizenship and allegiance to the great country I call home.  And while I may call this place my home, my heart knows that it is not.  My true citizenship is in a kingdom of the here and now, but yet not of this world.  My true King is my Creator, and my God.  So on this day, and every day thereafter, I boldly reassert my declaration of dependence on Him.


  1. Awesome !

    Thank You Mike

    I am a student of your teaching

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