Posted by: mikenicholsblog | February 24, 2010

into the storm

I think it’s a safe assumption that everyone reading this article is facing some faith adventures today. It could be a health journey, a job scenario, maybe a financial mountain or just an everyday “will I trust Him?” moment.  God in His wisdom uses these “refiners” to help us learn (and re-learn) dependence. As you read the next few paragraphs, let your mind travel back to a stormy day in the life of Christ and His disciples. Faith will rise to the forefront, and we can certainly relate to the dilemma.

Our context can be found in Mark 4:35-41. After a day of teaching, Christ gives His disciples an adventure in trusting Him. He informs the group that they’ll be heading across the Sea of Galilee. He is leading them into the storm! Sometimes storms result from our disobedience. But at other times, the Father’s design is to send us headlong into troubled waters … but never without an anchor.

Scripture tells us that this was a furious squall.  So intense that the waves broke over the boat. And the disciples had some serious concerns about drowning. Can you believe that Jesus was sleeping while all that was going on?! You may not mouth words like those of the disciples, “Teacher, don’t you care that we drown?”  But you (and I) have had similar thoughts. They had waves, and we have our “storms”. As you view today’s faith adventure, are you looking with eyes of faith, or do you have that drowning feeling? Christ’s rebuke of the storm and His disciples is instructive, even today.

With the words, “Quiet! Be still!” Christ calmed the wind. The Creator of the Universe was in control of nature. It is amazing to me that Christ followers accept His control over our eternal destiny, yet we struggle with the daily storms. If you are anything like me, you have met some stormy days with strong faith, but in many others, sinking seemed inevitable. But we should never doubt that He is in control. Preparation for the rough waters will determine how we respond when the storms come. Are you letting Him prepare you?

Christ also had strong words for his disciples after calming the storm. “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” His rebuke gives us a strong indication that they were not responding with faith to His teaching and miracles. All of us have an opportunity today to respond with faith in the midst of our storms. I am often rebuked that even after so many wonderful faith builders, I still get that drowning feeling. But today is new, God is still in control, and you and I can choose to view our personal storms with eyes of faith. It is your choice!


  1. great points !!

  2. Today is a stormy day with regards to physical pain….


  3. Today is a new day….The same God who controls nature is in control of my own personal struggles…In the middle of the storm…He is there. ♪Today, I choose to follow You, Today I choose to put my trust in You.♪

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